Taking care of your loved one’s needs can be a challenging affair. Not only do you have to see to any health-related or medical needs they may have, but if they are unable to travel or seek transportation on their own, it is up to you to ensure they can safely make it to their next health checkup or go wherever it is they need to. 

While you may be more than willing to give them a ride whenever you can, sometimes, you might just be too busy with work or other obligations that prevent you from giving your loved one a ride to where they need to go. That is why you should consider incorporating NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) into your loved one’s care plan. 

What is NEMT?

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation includes any transportation services for patients and seniors who are not experiencing an emergency or require an ambulance. NEMT is most commonly in use by eligible Medicaid and Medicare patients who need a ride for their medical appointment or a trip to a pharmacy. 

Aside from that, there are a variety of reasons for people to use NEMT: from being unfit to drive and lacking a license to geographic isolation or being without a vehicle that has the medical accommodations they might require. Many healthcare providers can now include NEMT services as part of their packages, so be sure to inquire about it if you think your loved one would benefit from it.  

Costs Less than an Ambulance 

Typically, most people associate medical transportation with riding in an ambulance. While ambulances can certainly meet any medical needs a patient or senior may have, they are typically reserved for emergencies and are extremely costly—even more so if routinely used. 

That is where NEMT can fill the gap. Our drivers have the training to assist with a variety of patient needs, and vehicles come in different varieties for those who might need a stretcher, wheelchair, or specialized medical equipment and monitoring while in transit. Whatever needs your loved one may have, there is a NEMT service that can accommodate them. 

Safety on the Road 

NEMT vehicles are modern and are composed of quality components to maximize safety on the roads. The majority of NEMT drivers have previous experience as nurses and drivers, and they typically have up-to-date professional certifications and receive ongoing training to maintain the quality of their services and expertise. 

In addition to treating patients with medical needs, many drivers even have training for elderly patient sensitivity, meaning that they will ensure seniors travel in comfort and with proper care and attention. 

Maintains Independence 

One of the most quashing feelings for patients and seniors is the inability to travel on their own and having to rely on family or friends for a ride. Even if there are more than enough people willing to provide a ride, the lack of independence can be difficult to cope with. With NEMT, your loved one only needs to make a phone call to arrange a ride on their own and without having to rely on others to arrange transportation. 

Comfort and Inner Peace 

For patients and seniors with physical impairments or health concerns, transportation can be an anxiety-inducing affair, especially if a vehicle is not suited to their needs. With NEMT, your loved one can travel in comfort and with the peace of mind knowing that their needs will be met by a qualified driver. 

Find the Right Provider 

Stellar Transport offers NEMT for patients and seniors with medical problems or physical impairments that would make it a challenge to ride in standard vehicles or public transportation. If you are looking to include NEMT services with your loved one’s plan, consider contacting us today!