Elderly Transportation

Respect Your Elders

80% of our patients are elderly. We understand that they move a little slower, their hearing and vision may not be as sharp as it once was, they may take a little longer to understand, and they may take a little longer to get ready and move around. We take great care to make our elderly clients feel comfortable and secure, and not rushed or stressed. Our transporters are patient and sensitive to the needs of our senior clients, and treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve.  

Pleasant Ride

We keep a wide variety of music in the vehicles, to make the ride more enjoyable.  We keep 50s’, 60’s and 70’s music on hand to ensure a pleasurable experience.  Our clients really like having a music selection available for their ride.  

Keep It Clean

We keep all of our vehicles extremely clean.  Your sweet grandma isn’t riding in some dirty old bus.  She’s riding in the limousine of wheelchair vans.  (Our Vehicles)

First Class

The founder of Stellar Transport previously owned and operated a limousine service.  We know first-class treatment, and that is what you’ll get with us. Our pricing is almost exactly the same as the other guys. But our level of service is miles above and beyond.

Book Transportation

At Stellar Transportation we offer Local Medical Transportation and Long Distance Medical Transportation. If you live locally near one of our locations we can pick you up and drive you anywhere you need to go. However, if you live outside of our local service area we only offer service to clients needing rides of 150 Miles or more. If you live in out of our local service area and need a ride to your local doctor down the street we cannot help you. However, if you live in outside of our local service area and need a long distance medical transportation trip (150+ Miles), than we can help you. We service the ENTIRE state of Florida as long as your ride distance is 150 Miles or more.