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Local Transportation Pricing

In County One-Way Trips

Ambulatory (can walk)

00*Per Trip

Wheelchair (up to 275lbs)

$5000*Per Trip

Wheelchair (over 275lbs)

$6500*Per Trip

Stretcher (up to 275lbs)

00*Per Trip

Stretcher (275lbs and up)

$19900*Per Trip

In County Round-Trips

Ambulatory (can walk)

00*Per Trip


$7500*Per Trip

Stretcher Transport

$15000*Per Trip

Dialysis: 3 Trips Per Week


00*Per Week


$29900*Per Week

Long Distance Pricing

Out Of County Trips & Trips Over 150 Miles

Any Out Of County Trip

Call For Quote

Trips Over 150 Miles

Call For Quote

*Please call ahead for more information. Prices are subject to change according to current gas pricing ($2.00)  any increase in the average will result in  an increase on “Additional Miles Charges” a $0.50 for every $1.00 increase in  $.10 increments Upon receiving billing invoice please admit payment within 30 days or you may incur an 18% Per Annum Finance Charge. Thank you for your business. Our commitment to you and all patients is to always provide Stellar service!

Wait Time is $40 per hour for wheelchair transportation and $60 per hour for stretcher transportation, both are being billed in 10 minute increments.

Stretcher Transportation always includes a 2 person team for safety.

Book Transportation

At Stellar Transportation we offer Local Medical Transportation and Long Distance Medical Transportation.  If you live locally near one of our locations we can pick you up and drive you anywhere you need to go. However, if you live outside of our local service area we only offer service to clients needing rides of 150 Miles or more. If you live in out of our local service area and need a ride to your local doctor down the street we cannot help you. However, if you live in outside of our local service area and need a long distance medical transportation trip (150+ Miles), than we can help you. We service the ENTIRE state of Florida as long as your ride distance is 150 Miles or more.