Hospice Transportation

Hospice Transportation

Hospice Travel

We pick up lots of patients for Hospice.  Home Hospice or outpatient Hospice, we are equipped to get you there safely, comfortably, and on time.  Whether you need a ride to Hospice from your home, or a medical facility, or you’re leaving Hospice to move back to a rehab or nursing facility, we’re here for you.  

Caring Team

Our crew are all HIPAA certified and trained in patient and elder sensitivity.  Every driver and transporter is drug, alcohol and smoke-free as well.  We treat you and your family with the dignity and respect you deserve, just the way we’d want our family treated.  That’s why this company was started.    (About Us)

Comfortable Ride

We have a variety of different vehicles in our fleet, so we can accommodate your situation, needs, and preferences.  Whether you walk with a walker or cane, or you’re in a wheelchair, or even completely immobilized, we have the right vehicle to transport you safely and comfortably, wherever you need to go.  We have even have a van that can take a stretcher and a wheelchair together.    

Beyond the selection, each of our vehicles is a fully-loaded, late model (2012 or later) and fully accessible, with low floors, raised ceilings, lifts and ramps.  And on top of that, each vehicle is meticulously kept, carefully maintained, cleaned and disinfected every day, and professionally detailed each week.   We take excellent care of our fleet, so our fleet can take excellent care of you and your family.  (Our Vehicles)

Excellence in Service

Speaking of excellence, our policy is to make every ride a first-class experience.  We believe a pleasant experience makes all the difference.  If we can make your day, that will make our day.  We go above and beyond the call of duty, because that’s what we believe it’s all about.  Our drivers are pleasant, professional, courteous, and caring.   This is the limousine service of medical transport, without the limousine prices.  Contact us today to experience the difference!    (Contact Us)

Book Transportation

At Stellar Transportation we offer Local Medical Transportation and Long Distance Medical Transportation. If you live locally near one of our locations we can pick you up and drive you anywhere you need to go. However, if you live outside of our local service area we only offer service to clients needing rides of 150 Miles or more. If you live in out of our local service area and need a ride to your local doctor down the street we cannot help you. However, if you live in outside of our local service area and need a long distance medical transportation trip (150+ Miles), than we can help you. We service the ENTIRE state of Florida as long as your ride distance is 150 Miles or more.