Careers Application

Driver Job Description:

  • Responsible for driving patients in wheelchair and stretcher capable vehicles to doctor appointments, dialysis centers and hospitals.

  • Required to walk inside all rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, hospice centers and some home residences. We are a door through door service. We do not pick up at the curb. You can expect a lot of walking throughout the day!

  • Required to help load, unload, slide, assist patient up to 200lbs or more onto the stretcher or into the wheelchair.

  • Required to load wheelchairs and stretchers into vehicle and buckle all safety straps . This requires some bending, lifting, and stretching to safely load passengers.

  • Required to operate android tablet inside vehicle with dispatch software and voice guided directions to destinations.

  • Responsible for keeping vehicle and equipment clean and sanitized, reporting any maintenance issues and gassing up vehicle and checking oil levels.

  • Full-time drivers and helpers work 3-4 days per week. A typical work day can range from 9 to 12 hours per day depending on trip demand for the day.

  • Working one weekend day every other week is required. Working some holidays is required.

  • Start and end times for daily shifts are not set in stone and fluctuate depending on trip demand for the day.

  • We require all drivers to be in uniform at all times to include the following: Stellar logo polo shirt, tucked into black or grey slacks with black “work shoes” and black belt, no hats or headgear permitted.