Fall is here. It is a beautiful time to travel around, but exploration does not easily go together with having a mobility challenge or being elderly. However, with determination and strong will, the possibilities are endless of how far you can go. There are places to be traveled and activities to be enjoyed. With Stellar Transportation, you can enjoy the safest and most comfortable travel in Melbourne. If you need to travel more than 150 miles, Stellar transportation can get you there. Here are places you can travel to this fall season.

The Beach

Visiting the beach during the fall season is much more attractive. It is the best travel destination for those who enjoy tranquility, mild temperatures and those who want to enjoy the many health benefits of the marine ecosystem. It doesn’t matter what age you are, from young to elderly, heading to the beach can enhance your physical and mental health by improving your breathing, reducing stress, and putting you in a mild meditative state. There are plenty of beaches to travel to, for instance, Melbourne beach, and best of all it is handicap accessible. You name the beach and Stellar Transportation will get you there.

The Parks

For nature lovers, there are several parks with beautiful trails where you can see fish, native birds, and yes, the occasional alligator. Thankfully, most parks have accessible bike and hiking trails, this makes it effortless to be outdoors for those in wheelchairs. For example, Alderman’s Ford Regional County Park has ADA compliant boardwalk linked to this trail that is effortless to travel on. This fall, there is nothing quite like being in the midst of a tree-canopied trail, feeling that warm breeze against your skin, and hearing the birds chirping.

Tampa Bay Zoo

Everyone loves the zoo and Tampa Bay just so happens to have one of the best zoos around Florida. ZooTampa at Lowry Park is ranked as the best zoo in the U.S. it is set on 56 acres of land and has a special emphasis on threatened, endangered, and vulnerable species. The zoo offers ample wheelchair-accessible parking. All the restaurants and families accessible have accessible entrances. It is a wonderful place to travel this fall and have a nice day out with your family.

Visit the Henry B. Plant Museum

The beautiful minarets of Henry B. Plant Museum are iconic and one of the most recognized parts of the Bay Area. This is a good place to travel this fall for anyone who wants to learn about the history of the bay area. With its affluent furnishings, magnificent Moorish architecture, and tropical garden, paying a visit to the former Tampa Bay Hotel will transport anyone to Victorian grandeur.

Visit the Liberty Bell Memorial Museum

This is a good place to travel to this fall, especially for the elderly. “Honor America and Respect the Flag” is the slogan for this museum. It is filled with history and patriotic facts. Liberty Bell Memorial Museum is dedicated to preserving America’s history, heritage, and constitutional form of government. Today, Liberty Bell remains significant for its liberty message. It is an ideal place if you want to learn about American patriotic history.

Choose Stellar Transportation

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