Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is an effective tool for individuals who need medical attention but cannot access transportation independently. This type of transport is ideal for individuals who have difficulties getting to and from medical appointments or addressing other non-emergency medical needs. Many times, it’s as simple as elderly patients who do not have a driver’s license, are unable to get rides from their family and friends, or have physical challenges preventing them from getting behind the wheel. 

To help you decide whether you need NEMT, here are some situations when you should consider using this easy-to-order service. 

You Are Medically Stable But Need Access to Vital Medical Equipment

NEMT is ideal for individuals who cannot travel without access to medical equipment. NEMT vehicles are equipped with the necessary medical equipment to serve various clients’ needs, such as oxygen delivery systems, supply of intravenous fluids, suction units, resuscitation equipment, wheelchair, and more. In other situations, people may require NEMT while being transported from one hospital to another. 

You Do Not Qualify For Emergency Medical Transport

Emergency transportation services are typically used for field injuries or life-threatening situations when patients require immediate medical attention. While your condition may feel like an emergency at the time, you may not always qualify for EMS in the eyes of a medical professional. In situations like this, NEMT vehicles can fill the gap. 

They are generally more comfortable than EMT vehicles and are an excellent option as a lower-priority service. Plausible situations to approach NEMT services include but are not limited to follow-up medical appointments, behavioral or physical therapy sessions, medical tests, or return trips from emergency room visits. 

You Do Not Have Time-Sensitive Needs

If your medical condition is not life-threatening or your medical needs are not time-sensitive, NEMT vehicles are an excellent option. While you may think that NEMT services can only be available for medical reasons, there are no restrictions on when you can book their service. You can book a NEMT service for any travel needs that you may have – personal or medical. Since you are not using a vehicle reserved for rapid life-saving, you often pay far less – especially if you schedule them in advance. In simple words, NEMT vehicles are a suitable option if you need focused assistance rather than a do-it-all EMT. 

You Do Not Need A Paramedic While You Travel

Although you may not need a paramedic, having qualified support staff accompany you during travel is always a better option. NEMT staff members are eligible to provide specialized care so you can make it to your destination safely. This may include door-to-door pick and drop, wheelchair or stretcher facilities, heart-rate monitoring equipment, oxygen delivery systems, and more. 

You Have Physical or Cognitive Challenges

If you have physical or cognitive challenges that prevent you from driving, you can choose a NEMT service to help you travel. For instance, elderly or obese patients may find it difficult to travel with conventional transportation methods. In such scenarios, NEMT staff members can provide a specialized arrangement to help you travel safely. 

Find The Most Reliable NEMT Provider in Melbourne, Florida

You likely have been spending a lot if you availed of emergency services to get medical care. Fortunately, non-emergency medical transportation will give you the benefits of best-in-class medical support during travel. 

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