If your loved one has difficulty traveling in standard passenger vehicles or by public transportation, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services can help them arrive at their destinations and never miss another appointment. Whether your loved one needs a wheelchair, stretcher, or other specialized equipment to move around and travel, NEMT vehicles can accommodate them and ensure they have a safe and comfortable ride. 

While booking a ride with a NEMT provider is simple, there are a few things you should keep in mind and prepare before the driver arrives. Here are some ways you can prepare for pickup by a NEMT vehicle. 

Make Your Home Accessible 

Whether you choose curbside pickup or door-to-door services, you must clear a way for your loved one and the driver to freely move about. Having obstacles in the way can prove troublesome if the driver needs to assist a patient out of their room, so take some time to clear a path and move any potential obstacles out of the way. 

Not only will doing so will save everyone a lot of time and headaches, but it will also prevent any accidents from occurring while moving your loved one from their bed and to the vehicle. You will thank yourself later, and your driver will greatly appreciate it. 

Pack Their Belongings 

Depending on where they are going, you should help them pack whatever they may need to ensure a safe trip. For long-distance travel or a holiday, assist them in packing basic travel items in addition to medications and any vital equipment they may need. 

Follow the same protocol for shorter trips as well. Make sure they have what they need before leaving the house, whether it is some backup medicine in the event of an accident or anything else they may want to have later on. 

Medications Or Medical Equipment 

Depending on the length of their outing or where they are going, make sure your loved one takes any medication they need before the driver arrives or otherwise has any necessary medical equipment ready to go for the ride. Your driver will appreciate it if there is no holdup waiting for your loved one to take their medicine, so as best as you can, make sure they are fit to travel the moment the NEMT vehicle arrives. 

Medical Records 

If your loved one needs to book a NEMT ride to attend a medical check-up or appointment, make sure they have any necessary medical records before they leave the house. Traveling back and forth to pick up forgotten items is exhausting and physically taxing for anyone living with medical disabilities or physical impairments.

Ensure they have everything before they leave, as it is vital for protecting their overall well-being and health. If it helps, make a checklist of items and documents they need ahead of time; that way, you can reference it later in case you are in a rush or are short on time. 

A Companion 

The final tip is to arrange for a companion to accompany your loved one during their trip. Whether it is you, a family member, or a friend, having someone accompany them will help them travel in comfort and relax throughout the ride. It is especially true if it is their first time traveling in a NEMT vehicle or for long-distance rides, so ask around if anyone is willing to accompany them if you are unable to. 

Stellar Transport 

If you are seeking NEMT transportation for yourself or a loved one, Stellar Transport offers quality services with medically qualified drivers to see to any needs you or your loved one have. Contact us today to book a ride!