When trusting someone to transport you around, you want to ensure you are in safe hands. Seeking the perfect short and long-distance non-emergency medical transportation services takes time and research. If you are in the middle of the process, here are some tips to consider:

Benefits of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Seniors need to get around too, especially if they can no longer drive. Whether it is going to a medical appointment or the store, non-emergency transportation services assist in getting seniors where they need to be. Seniors can rely on non-emergency transportation services to even get them to family outings or dinners, so they do not miss out. If a senior needs accommodations for their wheelchairs, space is provided specifically for them.

Accelerated Company

The first item on your checklist is to ensure that a company is accredited. When a company is accredited, you feel more secure in understanding the basic services offered by the provider.


When it comes to choosing a provider to partner with, the priority is always safety. Asking a company about emergencies and procedures can allow for a better understanding of how the provider handles their business. Asking about hiring practices and what makes an individual qualified is also an essential question. If you need a bit more convincing, ask the provider for references to reach out to.

To feel safe while driving, a requirement on your list should be drivers going through background checks. CPR certification is also an important aspect in case an emergency arises. Lastly, ensuring a driver has a valid license, first aid training, and a clean driving record brings peace of mind.

Check the Vehicle

Depending on the company, different types of vehicles might be offered for transportation needs. If you have specific needs, ask a provider if they accommodate transportation based on your requirements. If the answer is yes, it is easier to feel safe and comfortable while being transported.

Emergency Situations

Although non-emergency transportation services do not handle emergency services, it is still possible for an emergency to occur during a ride. Asking a provider how they handle emergencies and issues that come up is essential. Also letting a provider if your loved one may need any medical assistance during their trip is a priority.


For non-emergency appointments, being on time is always important. Ensuring a provider has a reputation of being on time is good to note. No one wants to pair up with a non-emergency transportation agency that is late or behind schedule.

Door Front Service

The best way to start a ride is by making it intentional. Non-emergency services that provide front door service show they truly care for those that drive with them. Before picking up a senior, providers should study their profile. They should know the status of a senior. Whether or not they need wheelchair services or not and about any life-altering conditions.

Vehicle Maintenance

The last situation you would want to find yourself in is stuck on the side of the road in a broken-down van. Asking providers how they care and keep up to date with their vehicles can give you an idea of how often they perform inspections.

Picking the Right Non-Emergency Transportation Services

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