Bariatric transportation is a common service for many people that need assistance getting from point A to point B, and is specifically designed for patients who weigh over 400 pounds. This service includes the use of professionally-trained individuals, specially-designed stretchers, and emergency-standard vehicles.

5 Reasons that Bariatric Transportation is Used

If you require bariatric transportation, there are usually quite a bit of risks involved in the process of normal transportation. The last thing you need is to encounter a massive medical emergency of some sort just because you need to go somewhere. This is one of the many reasons that Stellar Transport is proud to offer bariatric transportation services. Below, we will cover 5 of the main reasons that people use bariatric transportation.

1. Overweight Patients

Patients that need bariatric transportation are heavier individuals who may have physical and mobility limitations due to their size. If your size makes it difficult or impossible to move from place to place, you may require bariatric transportation.

This is the easiest way to ensure that you are able to get where you need to go in a safe manner that doesn’t risk your health along the way. Everyone is entitled to proper transportation that makes them feel safe and secure.

2. Sensitive Heart & Skin Conditions

If you are prone to heart and skin problems, which are common amongst bariatric patients, it can easily turn into an emergency and require immediate transportation needs. In this case, bariatric transportation is an important service. Bariatric transportation helps people get from location to location without placing risks on their health in the process, and without the need to call on a pricey ambulance. Both small and large checks are done throughout the entire service to ensure the patient departs and arrives safely.

3. Around the Clock Last-Minute Assistance

Sometimes, you need to receive medical-grade transportation at the last minute. Life happens. When something comes up and you need bariatric transportation at the last minute, you can always call Stellar Transport.

4. Assistance Getting in and Out of the Vehicle – Door through Door Transportation

Bariatric transportation includes extra assistance moving into and out of the vehicle, and all the steps in-between. This includes getting patients out of their home and into their destination, otherwise known as door-through-door transportation. People who rely on bariatric transportation may not be able to stand up and move on their own very easily. Without proper precautions, there are potential risks to the heart, skin, and so on during the process. That’s why it’s important to hire a reputable service that knows what they are doing.

Bariatric transportation is intended to provide all of the steps required getting in and out of the vehicle. This includes moving you from your chair to the stretcher, into the vehicle, out of the vehicle, and so on. This way, there is a very minimal risk and utmost comfort throughout the entire process.

5. When Your Vitals Need to be Closely Monitored

Part of the value of receiving bariatric transportation services is that you can have your health and vitals closely monitored throughout the entire trip. If you are overweight, you are more prone to heart problems, skin problems, and other health conditions that require close monitoring. As a result, getting assistance from a professional bariatric transportation service can make all the difference.

Do you or a loved one need bariatric transportation? Give Stellar Transport a call today!