For those who need dialysis, traveling presents a bit of a challenge that requires some additional planning. At Stellar Transport, our team can help you meet travel challenges whether you are traveling long distance to visit friends and family or spending your vacation here on the space coast and need travel accommodations to a local dialysis center. In addition, the team at Stellar Transport would like to share some tips for you and your loved ones as you make your travel plans while on dialysis.

Planning your Trip

The first step for those on dialysis in planning your trip is locating a trusted dialysis center in or near your travel destination. Next, confirm the center’s availability to accommodate your needs and then schedule your dialysis appointments and send your medical information ahead of you to the dialysis center.

Insurance Coverage While Traveling

In most cases, especially if traveling in the United States, your dialysis treatment will be covered regardless of the center you are using. Reach out to your insurance carrier and confirm your coverage as well as any details about your dialysis travel coverage and kidney care that you need to know. Your insurance provider can also advise you on what information you need to take with you on your trip. In most circumstances, your coverage goes with you allowing you to continue your dialysis treatments where you travel. Medicare covers dialysis in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

Some insurance carriers do not cover dialysis when traveling abroad, which means you may need to pay the out of pocket expenses for international treatment, which could affect your overall travel budget. In only rare cases does Medicare cover dialysis outside the United States.

Packing and Planning for your Trip

When preparing for your trip, this handy checklist can help you be better prepared.

  • Dialysis Supplies – Pack everything you need for treatment as well as those items you use to make the process more comfortable for you. If you aren’t sure what you need to bring, the dialysis nurse at your current facility can help. When flying, check with your airline regarding guidelines for any medical equipment or solutions you will be carrying with you.
  • Medications – Pack enough medication for the duration of trip, plus extras in case travel plans change or are delayed.
  • Personal Information – You’ll need to bring your ID card, insurance card(s), emergency contact information, phone numbers/email addresses for your physician and emergency contact.
  • Medial Information – Carry your medication lists, allergy lists, dialysis treatment and kidney care instructions, phone numbers and contact information for the dialysis center your will be visiting, as well as transportation information for getting to and from the center.
  • Other Supplies – Create a list as you go through your daily routine on dialysis days as well as your “off” days to ensure you bring everything you need.

Be Prepared

Because even with the best planning, the unexpected can happen, and when it does you want to be prepared. Discuss your travel plans with your doctor and let those you are traveling with know what they can do to help should issues arise. If you do run into problems, call on your doctor for guidance.

When You Need Help with Transportation

At Stellar Transport, we understand are ready to help you meet any transportation needs you have whether you live on the Space Coast and are traveling elsewhere or are enjoying a Space Coast vacation and need transportation to and from the dialysis clinic. Our team treats every passenger with dignity and respect, exactly how we want to be treated, plus we promise safe and comfortable transport every time.