Non-emergency medical transportation services promise safe, secure, comfortable transportation for clients whether they need to travel locally or long-distance. Whether the client needs long-term transportation for chronic care or a single service transport for doctor’s appointments, non-emergency medical transport can meet those needs safely and comfortably. In addition, non-emergency medical transportation services are also available for transport to airports, restaurants, and shopping. Non-emergency medical transportation offers services to those who require wheelchair or stretcher transport as well as those who are ambulatory and in need of safe transportation to and from their destination. In order to better understand the services non-emergency medical transportation provides, Stellar Transport of Melbourne, Florida has prepared this helpful list of terms to guide you.

The Terms You Need to Know to Find the Best Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

  • Curbside Service – This term means just what it says, the non-emergency medical transportation service will pick you up curbside at your home and drop you off curbside at your destination. You may receive assistance entering and exiting the vehicle but should be prepared to meet the transport at the curb at home and at your destination.
  • Door through Door Service – This service helps you get from your residence to the vehicle as well as from the vehicle into your destination. Door through door service helps patients who need extra help or who may not be as mobile as they once were. The term can also be used in regard to patients who require stretcher or wheelchair transportation.
  • Wheelchair and Stretcher Equipped Vehicles – Non-emergency medical transportation fleet vehicles are appropriately outfitted to transport individuals who require wheelchairs and stretchers safely. These fleet vehicles should be fully insured and in compliance with all Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations as well as federal, state, and local safety standards.
  • Bariatric Transportation – This type of transportation is designed to safely transport patients with weights over 300 pounds who need wheelchair or stretcher transportation requiring specialized equipment to be safely and comfortably transported. For patients who are not mobile, additional drivers may be required.
  • Field Service Representative or FSRs – An EMT title, Field Service Representatives are drivers who have the training and knowledge to attend to patients in route to a medical facility or other destination. They are trained in caring for a variety of health conditions, as well as aiding those with limited mobility. FSRs also have ADA training in understanding disabilities, service requirements, senior sensitivity, and civil rights compliance as well as CPR training, defensive driving, First Aid, and Passenger Service and Safety.
  • Long-term, Acute, and Chronic Care – Non-emergency medical transportation services also serve individuals who require long-term care (ongoing treatment such as those in nursing or assisted living facilities) as well as those who require acute or chronic care. Acute care is defined as immediate care in relation to severe disability or illness, which requires treatment in one location and further transportation to in-patient care. Chronic care is ongoing care for chronic illnesses or injuries, which often requires transportation for care and treatment weekly, monthly or more often.
  • GPS-Monitored – Non-emergency medical transportation fleet vehicles are equipped with the latest GPS technology so all drivers/vehicles can be tracked and located as needed, thus reducing risks for all involved. In addition, many non-emergency medical transportation service vehicles are also equipped with monitors to track speed and other driving safety issues to ensure drivers practice safe, defensive driving guidelines at all times.

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