Transportation for Seniors – Here are 6 Things to Look for to Ensure a Safe Ride

//Transportation for Seniors – Here are 6 Things to Look for to Ensure a Safe Ride

Transportation for Seniors – Here are 6 Things to Look for to Ensure a Safe Ride

Not all non-emergency medical transportation services provide the same level of care – there are vast differences in the type of vehicles used, transportation practices, and so forth.

When you hire a company to transport your loved one, the goal is always to pick the safest and most reliable team, and by asking the following questions you can do just that.

6 Questions to Ask to Find Safe Transportation for Seniors

#1. Do you specialize in senior transportation?

First and foremost, are seniors a group that a transportation service regularly caters to and fully understands? Working with a company that specializes in non-emergency medical transportation for seniors is important to ensure the highest quality service.

Around here, seniors are among our best pals! Not only are our drivers certified in Senior Sensitivity, but we make sure to check off all the detail boxes too. For instance, we keep our vehicles stocked with all of your senior loved one’s favorite music so that when they make a song request, we can fulfil it.

#2. What kind of vehicles do you use?

Is the company working with beat up old vans in need of repairs? If so, you might want to look elsewhere. Vehicle safety is upgraded every year and that’s why newer model vehicles with fewer miles tend to be safer, as well as more reliable. Ask about vehicle model, make, and year, as well as how often vehicles are cleaned and serviced.

Even a newer vehicle can run the risk of being unsafe if it isn’t constantly checked and serviced. Cleanliness is equally important as seniors have lower immune systems and could catch a cold or other bug if vehicles are not cleaned out on a regular basis.

#3. What sort of monitoring systems are in place for drivers?

Are drivers monitored in any way? Is it a smoke-free environment? What kind of training do drivers undergo before taking seniors out on the road? All of these questions are important to consider because driver oversight and training can make all of the difference when it comes to keeping your loved one safe.

Our drivers are trained in Defensive Driving and all of our vehicles are equipped with monitoring systems that track vehicle speed, braking and acceleration. In addition, we operate a smoke, alcohol and drug free work zone. We know we can trust our drivers because we put them to the test all of the time.

#4. Can you transport stretcher and wheelchair patients?

If your senior loved one requires a wheelchair or is bed-ridden, it’s important that the company you hire to take care of the job is equipped with the right tools for the task. From vehicle set up to the right team to safely transport a stretcher patient, there are a lot of additional details involved with transporting patients of different mobility types.

Rest assured, we specialize in wheelchair and stretcher transportation for seniors.

#5. Do you offer door-through-door service?

Oftentimes, seniors need a helping hand getting out of their home and into their destination. That’s where door-through-door service comes in handy. Although, not all transportation services offer this added perk so make sure to ask ahead of time if you need it.

#6. Will you wait on-site?

Some transportation services will offer to wait on-site for an added fee, this might come in handy if you’re unsure how long you’ll be at a certain appointment and don’t want to risk waiting around outside.

We are more than happy to customize our services to fit your needs – no matter what that entails. Just talk to us and we are here to work for you.

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At Stellar Transportation, it’s our mission to provide the highest caliber of transportation for every patient we have the pleasure of serving. Check out our pricing page or contact us today with any questions you may have.

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