Whether for necessity or fun, seniors have a variety of reasons to leave the house and be out and about – even if they are no longer fit to drive. Even if they do not spend nearly as much time outside their homes as they may have in the past, there is bound to be an occasion or an appointment that they simply cannot miss. 

That is why there are a variety of transportation services—both medical and standard public transportation—that exist to help seniors and anyone else who cannot drive or travel on their own for any number of reasons. If you have a loved one who is no longer fit to drive on their own yet needs to travel, and you are unable to give them a ride, here are a few tips to help them reach their destinations and travel in comfort. 

Public Transportation

In most cities and towns, there is likely a network of public transportation—buses or trains in some areas—that provide transportation to those without their own vehicle or otherwise unable to drive on their own. You can typically find your local bus or train schedules online, including where they stop or where you can make connecting transfers, making it an easy and often affordable way to get around town. 

If your loved one does not have any medical conditions or physical impairments that could prevent them from riding comfortably in public transportation, then it may be a suitable way for them to leave their homes and travel on their own. 

Transportation Companies 

In addition to public transportation, other commonplace transportation methods include using taxis or a service like Uber and Lyft. These services provide a lot more flexibility for pick up and drop off locations—making them an ideal choice if your loved one needs to travel to remote locations within the city or town—or a means to get around when there are no public transportation options nearby that they can use. Just keep in mind that while such services offer a lot more flexibility, they are typically more costly to use as well. 

Non-Emergency Travel Options 

For seniors who have medical conditions, physical impairments, or injuries that prevent them from riding in private vehicles or public transportation, there are alternative options available for them. Paratransit services are required to operate within one mile of standard public transport routes, providing seniors and patients with a safe means of travel and medical accommodations. 

Additionally, you can hire a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) provider to transport your loved one to their destination. NEMT drivers receive medical training and qualifications to ensure patients receive the care and attention they need throughout transit. If your loved one requires special care or equipment to travel safely, consider looking into what services are available in your area. 

Plan Accordingly

In addition to making sure your loved ones are using the most suitable transportation means for their needs, it is also important that they travel safely. You should advise them to travel lightly, as carrying heavy baggage can be dangerous for many seniors. Additionally, it is important to be mindful of the surroundings, as any sudden drops, curbs, or gaps in vehicles or anywhere else could cause an unexpected accident. Finally, it is best to plan their routes in a way that reduces long stretches of walking between areas when possible, as seniors typically have less stamina to travel long distances on foot. 

Consider Stellar Transport 

Stellar Transport offers NEMT services for patients and seniors with medical conditions or physical impairments that make it challenging for them to ride in normal vehicles. If your loved one requires medical care or special equipment during transit, contact Stellar Transport to schedule a ride.