Tips for Transporting Wheelchairs Safely & Effectively

//Tips for Transporting Wheelchairs Safely & Effectively

Tips for Transporting Wheelchairs Safely & Effectively

If you rely on a wheelchair, you need a way to transport your chair when traveling via automobile. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to transport wheelchairs in cars these days – including on top of, inside of, or attached to the back.

Here are some helpful tips for transporting wheelchairs to help you make the most out of life – while taking the stress out of bringing your chair along for the ride! 

5 Ways to Transport Wheelchairs

There are several different setups available for transporting wheelchairs. With so many options on the market, it’s important to find the best transport system for your lifestyle and overall mobility.

#1. Store Your Wheelchair in the Trunk

The easiest way to store a wheelchair is to simply fold the chair up and place it in your trunk or on the backseat of your vehicle, if there is room.  If your car has a luggage compartment, the wheelchair may fit nicely there as well.

If this doesn’t work for you, investing in a wheelchair carrier may offer the perfect solution along with numerous benefits. Wheelchair carriers are generally easy to install, reliable, and make it easier for you to get in and out of your wheelchair when you arrive at your intended destination.

#2. Automatic Wheelchair Carrier

There are four unique wheelchair carrier versions. The first is an automatic option that operates using a switch and comes equipped with a motor driven hoist. This setup is made for manual wheelchairs, which means the top of your vehicle must accommodate the extra weight and size of your wheelchair for this to work.

You can also get an automatic ramp installed on your van. The ramp will lower down after the door opens when you simply press a button. This allows the wheelchair to enter the vehicle without transferring.

#3. Bumper Mount Rack

A bumper mount rack attaches to the back of your vehicle and is similar to a bike rack. It allows you to attach the wheelchair onto the back of your car. The rack requires drilling several holes into the fender of your vehicle, this is what works to support a manual chair. Most of these racks are easy to remove so that it’s still easy to access the trunk of the vehicle.

#4. Hitch Mount Rack

This is similar to a bumper mount rack, although it’s slightly more complex and makes it easier to get the wheelchair up and down because of the built-in ramp. This style tilts down when the wheelchair is loaded and then moves back into position and locks so that it is safe when driving and in motion.

#5. Pickup Rack (used with truck bed)

A pickup rack makes it super easy to transport wheelchairs, scooters and other mid-size seats. It is a mechanical operation that picks up a wheelchair using an electrical motor and then sets it in the bed of the truck. This takes all of the grunt work out of the equation. These systems can typically support up to 350 pounds. Plus, it usually has several retractable reaches that allow for as much as a 24-inch lift. Most have an easy to use push-button operation to make your life even easier. In addition, they are typically manufactured from a lightweight aluminum that is rust resistant. 

Need a Ride? Hire an Experienced Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Service 

Schedule conflicts, inadequate vehicle… there are many reasons you may not be able to transport you or a loved one in a wheelchair. That’s where a reliable non-emergency medical transportation service comes in handy. The key is to hire a reputable and experienced company with the right vehicles for safely and comfortably transporting wheelchair patients.

At Stellar Transportation, we offer top-notch transportation at competitive prices in Melbourne, Florida. We provide both local and long-distance transportation. Contact us today to get a quote or check out our pricing page.

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