Making the move to assisted living can be challenging for you and your loved one even when the planning has gone well. Approaching the move with the support needed will make the move and the subsequent transition easier. Let’s explore these tips for making the move to assisted living more simple and completely successful.

Health Comes First

As you make plans to move your loved one to his or her new home, make preparations for healthcare needs. This can mean making an appointment with his or her current primary care physician for a check-up or getting copies of medical records if moving to a new area. When changing localities, your loved one will need to find a new primary care doctor and the assisted living facility may be able to help with recommendations. You’ll also want to be sure medications are in order, getting refills done or prescriptions ready if assisted living facility provides pharmacy services. Finally, help your loved one make arrangements for any specialized medical care (ophthalmologist, orthopedic, dentist, physical therapy, etc.) needed.

Moving Company Preparations

In many cases, the assisted living community can help your loved one find a trustworthy moving company as they manage moves for residents regularly. It is always a good idea to get cost estimates from multiple companies, read over the contract, and help your loved check out online reviews from real customers. Once you and your loved one have narrowed your choices, you’ll want to ensure the company is properly insured and licensed in both locations, and available for move-in day.

Packing 101

Packing is a big deal, especially if your loved one is downsizing to move into their new assisted living home. In many areas, you can find senior living moving specialists who can help with the move. These specialists orchestrate the move from beginning to completion, guide decision making on what to bring along, and even set up sales or donations of remaining items. In addition, senior living moving specialists can help with hiring the moving company and coordinating the move. The goal is to prioritize important items (clothing, bedding, medication, furniture, toiletries, books, kitchen essentials, etc.), label all the furniture that will be making the move, and see that jewelry, prized possessions, and family heirlooms are safely stored during the move.

It’s All in the Details

Once the moving date is firm, notify the U.S. Postal Service to set up mail forwarding, notify utility companies of cancellation or transfer of services, and inform needed contacts (social security, insurance carriers, physicians, attorney, financial services, etc.) of your loved one’s new address. Don’t forget to add your loved one’s new schedule and contact information for the nursing and wellness staff, concierge, and maintenance, to your smart phone or tablet. Many families choose this time to go over end of life details (estate planning, power of attorney, will, DNR) at this time, as well.

Moving Week Preparations

This week should begin with confirmation of the assisted living community paperwork as received and in order. If it hasn’t already been done, you’ll want to confirm your loved one’s contact information, as many still provide a landline for residents. If you are purchasing a cellphone, make sure every has the number and your loved one knows how to use it easily. If needed (mobility issues, risks of falling) now is the time to get your loved one an emergency pendant which allows them to call emergency services should they fall. Some communities offer pendants, while other require they purchased from an outside vendor. If the assisted living community is gated, you’ll want to get gate codes for the family as well as the moving company. Now, you are ready to help you beloved senior make the move to assisted living!

Transportation Needs

Once your loved one is all settled in, Stellar Transport can provide caring, comfortable, and safe non-medical transportation as needed for your loved one – call today for more information!