The Benefits of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

//The Benefits of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

The Benefits of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

There are basically two types of medical transportation – emergency and non-emergency medical transportation. Everyone is familiar with the former, emergency medical transportation, while not everyone knows about non-emergency medical transportation. Non-emergency transportation allows individuals who don’t drive to get to medical appointments, like a visit with the doctor or physical therapist, without having to call on friends or family members for assistance. Patients can get to their appointments on time, and safely with non-emergency medical transportation from trusted, qualified providers like Stellar Transport.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Explained

You might be wondering, what exactly non-emergency medical transportation actually is. Well, in fact, non-emergency medical transportation is the ideal solution for individuals who don’t drive but need safe transportation without depending on friends or relatives. Non-medical transportation offers a positive alternative for those who want to remain independent while not inconveniencing friends and family, no matter how willing they are to help.

Non-emergency medical transportation is a great solution for many individuals including those who have recent injuries or have undergone surgery, those needing physical therapy or rehabilitation, senior adults who no longer drive with no access to convenient public transportation. It is also a viable solution for anyone who needs trustworthy transportation to medical appointments and the like.

The Benefits of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation is available across the United States, including Florida’s Space Coast, the greater Melbourne area. Here are just a few of the benefits of non-emergency transportation for Stellar Transport in Melbourne, Florida.

  • Convenient – Non-emergency medical transportation with Stellar Transport can be conveniently scheduled and get patients to their appointment on time.
  • Maintains Independence – Non-emergency transportation allows patients to maintain their independence, not having to call on family and friends when they need a ride.
  • Wheelchair and Stretcher Equipped – Stellar Transport’s non-emergency medical transportation is designed to accommodate disabled patients and their wheelchairs, rollators, or walkers. Stretcher transport is also available as needed.
  • Safe – Every vehicle at Stellar Transport is equipped with driver-monitoring systems (speed, braking, acceleration, and more) to ensure customer safety. Plus all vehicles are late model (2013 or newer), crash test compliant, and fully inspected and detailed weekly.
  • Door-through-Door Service – Stellar Transport’s well-qualified team members help you get from your home to the vehicle, and to your appointment safely – door-through-door, not just curbside pickup.
  • Well-Qualified Professional Drivers – Every driver at Stellar Transport is professional trained in defensive driving, elderly patient sensitivity, CPR, and First Aid.

Call on Stellar Transport for your Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Needs

Stellar Transport promises to provide the best in comfortable and caring non-emergency medical transportation, whether you need to travel in and around the Melbourne area or long distance to another city, 150 or more miles away. The team at Stellar Transport delivers safety and comfort wherever you need to travel, from Jacksonville to Tampa, Melbourne to Miami, and beyond.

Stellar Transport is family owned and operated and they treat each client like a member of the family, getting you to and from your destination on time, in complete comfort and safety. Every driver is smoke, alcohol, and drug-free, guaranteed. Plus, all are fully trained in CPR and First-Aid, as well as defensive driving strategies and elder sensitivity care practices. In addition, Stellar Transport monitors drivers with driver monitoring systems to ensure proper protocols and safety requirements are followed.

The compassionate team of professionals at Stellar Transport provide handicap, wheelchair, stretcher, and elderly transportation with exceptional care. Call today and schedule your upcoming non-medical transportation service today. Stellar Transport is ready to serve you with caring, comfortable, and safe transportation – local or long-distance.

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