Non-emergency transportation offers a comfortable and safe way to get from point A to point B without having to depend on your friends or family for help. Whether you want to visit your doctor or make it to your appointments for treatment on time, non-emergency medical transportation services can be of great assistance.


Non-emergency transportation is a viable option for many, but especially those who are recovering from an injury or surgery, those in need of therapy, and senior citizens without adequate access to public transport. If you can imagine trying to board a crowded public bus while you are recovering  from a major surgical scar, you can see the challenges some people might face in a similar situation. Here’s why non-medical emergency transportation is a viable option for many. 


Convenience and Accessibility


If you have limited mobility and are in need of special transportation, non-medical transportation can cater to your needs in all regards. They will have a wheelchair onboard among other mobile equipment to ensure you can get to your destination safe and sound. Travel can be tailored to your needs and scheduled at any time so you can reach your appointments on time. 


Most vehicles will also have additional medical assistance equipment and monitoring devices in case the rider faces any discomfort or needs medical attention during the journey. The drivers in charge of these vehicles are professionally trained in senior citizen sensitivity, first-aid, CPR, and have also cleared defensive driving tests. 




Safety is the utmost priority of non-emergency medical transportation. These vehicles are up-to-date and ladened with modern facilities. Their staff is mostly made up of nurses and medical assistants with experience in dealing with patients. 


Besides helping clients manage trips, non-emergency medical transportation broker software keeps track of the drivers’ movements behind the wheel in real-time. Individual trips are tracked via GPS for an accurate location of the rider. All the vehicles are detailed weekly to ensure they are road safe and all the equipment is functioning to the best of its ability. 


Maintaining Independence


It’s good to have family take care of you in times of need but on rare occasions if they are unable to heed to your call, non-emergency medical transportation can take care of your travel needs just as your own family would. The ability to manage one’s own transport can help you be  independent regardless of your illness.


All a rider needs to do is make a call to the non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) provider and supply them with necessary information, and transportation assistance will be on its way. Anyone can practice independence with the help of NEMT and reach your doctor and other appointments on time. In most cases, maintaining independence will boost a client’s self-esteem. 


Door-to-Door Service


If you require door-to-door assistance when going out then you are in luck. Your partner who helps you to the car may not be available, or your caregiver may be on sick leave – there is no telling when you may need some extra help getting to the doctors. The staff provided by non-emergency medical transportation services will ensure you get from your home to the vehicle, and to your doctor’s appointment safely and back again. 




There are several kinds of medical transportation services available in every city, but they usually come at a higher cost. Compared to conventional ambulances, non-emergency medical transportation is much cheaper. Although the cost of hiring NEMT will depend on the various services you will need, typically speaking, their charges are much more affordable than traditional ambulances. 


We at Stellar Transport can provide you with the best-in-class mode of transport, which includes wheelchair, monitoring equipment, stretcher, and elderly transportation with utmost care. Give us a phone call to book your upcoming non-medical transportation service with us today.