Keeping seniors up and going during summer is beneficial for their health and happiness. Summer is the perfect time to be outside and soak in natural Vitamin D. Going outside allows for social interactions and depending on the activity, an improvement in physical health. Finding ways to connect seniors with certain hobbies and passions can be beneficial and assist in healthy aging.

Stroll or a Jog

Getting outside for a light stroll or jog can help improve your body’s overall physical health and improve the release of endorphins. If you are in a wheelchair, you can still get around a few laps around a lake and enjoy the view. Being alongside great energy can also boost your mood. Gather a group of friends for a morning or weekly stroll or jog. Having accountability can ensure you make it outside.

Going to the Beach

When outside, it is essential to apply a protective layer of sunscreen while also ensuring ways of shade, such as by wearing a hat or bringing an umbrella. Although Vitamin D is essential for muscle function, it is still necessary to stay safe. Taking advantage of the warm sum while also taking care of your skin can decrease the risks of a Vitamin D deficiency. Going to the beach is a fun way to spend summer days outdoors. Whether a senior chooses to go with family or friends, a beach day is fun for everyone.

Creating a Garden

Summer is the perfect time to rediscover hobbies. If you have a personal garden, take time to tend to it and even add it to your plant collection. If there is a community garden, spending time each week to assist in caring for the garden can keep seniors busy doing something they love.


For some seniors, yoga is a great way to get moving. Yoga is low-impact so it does not require a lot of strength. However, the benefits of yoga are great and help improve health and mental wellness. Yoga can assist in helping seniors stretch out and move joints they have not in a while.


Getting into the pool is a great way to unwind and even exercise. Swimming can assist in moving joints which is beneficial for healthy aging. Being in a pool can also help seniors lay back and relax. If water aerobics is available, then this is another healthy way to get moving. If your pool is outdoors, ensure you wear tons of sunscreen and reapply it often for safety. Taking breaks from the pool by hydrating frequently can help avoid being overwhelmed by the heat.

Take a Trip to the Park

A trip to a local park is a fun and easy way to get outdoors and experience a change in scenery. Having a picnic at the part with a dish, blanket, and cool drinks is an enjoyable experience. Seniors can get together with their family or friends to enjoy the great outdoors and perhaps even listen to some music. Planning weekly picnics can help change a routine up a bit. A park also allows seniors to wander around and get moving.

Stellar Transportation Services

With summer officially arriving, participation in more activities is ongoing. At Stellar Transportation, non-emergency medical transportation in Melbourne, Florida is provided for seniors to get from place to place. Services offered at Stellar Transportation are not only non-medical related, but also social engagement transportation services. When it comes to enjoying the outdoors during summer, do not let a lack of a ride stop you. Enjoy summer like everyone.