Stretcher transportation might be something you would only consider in an emergency via an ambulance, but you can use stretcher transportation in non-emergency cases too. Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is a federally required Medicaid benefit that exists to provide safe and dependable transportation for anyone who needs it. 

This service is especially valuable for anyone who has trouble walking, difficulty getting in and out of vehicles on their own, or is elderly. Depending on the patient’s needs, there are a host of different kinds of vehicles available to safely transport patients, with stretcher-equipped vehicles for anyone who needs them. Before hiring a NEMT service to transport you or a family member, here are some things you should know about NEMT stretcher transportation.

How Far Is Your Destination?

One of the hard things about living outside of the city in a rural area or suburb is the medical facility or location you need to arrive at might be far away. You might also need out-of-state or long-distance transportation. In such cases, when looking for NEMT transportation, you need to consider whether the service you wish to hire offers only local transportation or if they can do long-distance transportation. Whatever your needs are, it is important to research and consult with the desired agency on whether they have the equipment and services to match your needs.

Door-Through-Door Transportation 

Door-through-door transportation is necessary if the patient is incapacitated or otherwise unable to move without assistance. Services that offer door-through-door transportation will have their driver enter your home to move the patient onto a stretcher before carrying them out to the transport vehicle. This process is repeated at the final destination, ensuring safe and reliable transportation from start to finish. Because they need to enter your home, they must have easy access to wherever they need.

Curb-To-Curb Transportation 

Unlike door-to-door transportation, which has the driver enter your home to move the patient from their room to the vehicle, curb-to-curb transportation is when you must wait for the driver by the curb, where they will assist you or the patient into the vehicle. This is an important distinction, so be sure to check which services are available to you. Door-to-door is the safer option, so consider finding an agency that offers this service if you have any concerns about moving the patient from their room to the vehicle without help.

Bariatric Transportation 

Some patients need bariatric transportation to meet their needs. This involves using a bariatric stretcher and a specially equipped vehicle with additional staffing to safely transport a patient to their destination. Before hiring bariatric transportation, you should consult with the agency on whether it is necessary or not to avoid any complications during transportation. Additionally, this service costs more than standard NEMT stretcher transportation, so be sure to factor cost into your decision-making.

Look For Experienced and Qualified Drivers 

As with any service you hire, it is important to make sure the drivers have the appropriate qualifications to transport patients, especially if they need medical attention along the way. You should consult with the agency and their drivers about their certifications and experience before hiring them. If you think you need an EMT-certified driver, then that is another factor to consider when deciding on a service to hire.

Stellar Transportation’s crew is professionally trained to transport patients safely and efficiently with various needs and requirements. We provide non-emergency medical transportation vehicles equipped to meet the needs of various patients to help you travel safely from your home to wherever you need to go.