Like everybody else, seniors and the handicapped in the community also love to celebrate the seasonal change. And this spring is a perfect time to explore various outdoor activities with your loved ones. With warm weather and many things to do, it’s a great time for the family to embark on bonding adventures. That said, here are spring activities to try as a family:

Family Gathering

What many people love, especially seniors, is family coming together. It helps strengthen the family bond by bringing together people who are living far apart. You can also double the excitement by involving several people in the planning process. 

Indoor Gardening

Spring presents an opportunity to explore the outdoors. But even so, you can bring in the peace and tranquility that nature has to provide indoors. And it only takes indoor gardening to achieve that. Bring together the entire family and create the indoor garden as one. It’s an opportunity to spend quality time together and strengthen your love. 

Set Up a Picnic

There’s no better way to enjoy the outdoors during spring than a picnic. Find a great location, plan the occasion, and invite everyone in advance. Remember, you can have a picnic anywhere besides the park. Therefore, you can make it exciting by choosing a scenic location.

Evening Walks

Everyone needs an evening walk because of the mental and physical benefits it has. But it’s even handier for the elderly since it’s an exercise to strengthen their muscles. For those experiencing insomnia, an evening walk can help them have quality sleep at night.

Visit the Farmer’s Market

There is plenty of fresh produce in the farmer’s market whether it’s food or flowers. You can visit that place to get some fresh supplies including flowers for complementing your home. You can also use this opportunity to invite friends and neighbors for a fresh find showcasing picnic. 

Spring Cleaning 

As much as there are plenty of outdoor activities, having a clean indoor environment is more pleasing. Spring cleaning will improve the look, feel, and smell of your space. If you’ve got loved ones who cannot do spring cleaning, here is a chance to assist them. Visit them as a family and help out with house cleaning and organization. 

Get Nostalgic

If everyone has excellent mobility, then here is a chance to get nostalgic as a group. You can explore exciting things you loved when you were kids. In this case, everyone can be creative and explore what they love. For example, you can try kite flying, and using sidewalk chalks to draw images, among others. 

Bird Feeding

Like gardening, feeding birds can also help you with stress relief and mental relaxation. You can start by building a custom bird feeder as a DIY family project. Thereafter, you can set it up outside your home. To provide everyone with an opportunity to feed birds, you can make several bird feeders.

Attend Festivals

Not all festivals are rowdy; some are family-friendly. Whether it’s a local band or food festive, you should attend as a family. Use this chance for bonding and sharing views. 


When choosing the spring activities to try with your loved ones, ensure it’s not physically tasking on them. It should be something they can comprehend and enjoy, especially if it includes the elderly. Talking of that, exploring spring activities that require traveling can be tough, especially for the elderly and handicapped. 

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