Losing independence is something that most seniors don’t take kindly at first. But after some time, it becomes the norm and they get used to the new arrangement. Oftentimes, local NEMT is the new norm as one ages. And that’s because when you’re an older adult, you gradually lose your senses. 

Most probably, you may not realize that it’s time to quit driving. But with the following tips on signs you need non-emergency medical transportation services, you’ll be certain. Also, you may see your doctor for a professional insight if you suspect it’s time to quit driving:

  •     Frequently Having Road Accidents

Driving requires multitasking and great attention throughout. Therefore, all your major senses must be alert. But because of aging, vital senses like vision and hearing decline. As a result, you may find yourself hitting other cars nearby or missing your lane. Also, having poor judgment on the road, not seeing pedestrians, and not hearing sirens are warning signs. 

  •     Keep on Confusing Break and Gas Pedals

Knowing the difference between a brake pedal and a gas pedal is something you get used to. And after driving for several years, it becomes a habit, even without looking, you’ll know which is which. However, through dementia or other memory challenges, you may begin confusing between the two pedals. And at that point, you need to stop driving, because you’re now susceptible to causing accidents 

  •     Having multiple dents on your vehicle

Multiple dents on your vehicle including the garage door are signs that you need to stop driving. Also, you might have knocked down the mailbox, fences, and curb on your property. All these are signs that you are losing your multitasking ability. Also, your vision, and reflexes are diminishing. 

  •     Not seeing Road Signal and Signs Clearly

If it reaches a point when you’re struggling to read the road signals and signs, then you should avoid driving. Your vision at this point is unreliable. You can have an eye examination to confirm or disprove your suspicion. If it turns out you’re losing vision, then book a NEMT service. 

  •     Getting lost when you’re strolling around 

When you’re getting old, the physician always encourages more exercise, especially walking at least once a day. Oftentimes, one follows familiar paths. However, it may reach a point when these familiar tracks become strange momentarily. And you end up getting lost and not finding your way back home. 

If you’re experiencing that, then you should avoid driving right away. It’s a sign that you’re losing memory or suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Now, your best shot at venturing outside is hiring a NEMT company. 

  •     Can’t Merge with Traffic 

Merging with traffic requires great multitasking and depth perception. And if these two abilities begin to diminish, you’ll find it hard to merge with traffic. Hiring a NEMT to take over your driving routine means you can enjoy a safe drive wherever you choose to go. 

  •     Can’t use the Rear View Mirror

Seeing through the rearview mirror is a positive sign that your vision is still good and reliable. However, if you’re having difficulties using it, it means your visual ability is reducing. This is a sign that you need NEMT services, and quitting driving is not an option. 

Final Take 

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