Non-emergency medical transportation promises much needed transportation services to a variety of clients. Providing services to individuals of all ages, including transportation for seniors and the disabled as well as stretcher transport, bariatric transport, post-surgery follow-up transport, and more, Stellar Transportation serves the Space Coast and all of Florida with the needed local and long-distance non-emergency medical transportation services. Non-emergency medical transportation services provided an extra measure of care, accommodating in ways traditional public transportation cannot. If you or your loved one need non-emergency medical transportation, here is what you need to know.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services

Non-emergency medical transportation serves  handicapped, stretcher, and senior adult patients. At Stellar Transport this means state of the art transportation by highly trained professionals with the promise of a safe and comfortable trip – local or long distance. For stretcher services, custom van s are equipped with Stryker Power-Load systems to ensure safe lifting and accommodation. For senior adult transportation, drivers are trained and certified in elder sensitivity care with door-through-door service. Stellar Transports handicap transportation is designed for easy loading and unloading, safety and comfort for clients of all ages.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Terminology

  • Curb-to-Curb service is for clients who may require assistance getting in and out of the vehicle but are able to meet the driver and vehicle at the curb of their home and getting to their appointment without assistance.
  • Door-through-door services provide an extra measure of care for clients who need additional assistance getting from their residence and inside their destination. It may be utilized for patients with walkers, rollators, wheelchairs, as well as those who need stretcher transportation.
  • Wheelchair/Stretcher Transportation features vehicles fully equipped to safely and comfortable transport individuals who are wheelchair-bound or stretcher-bound.
  • Compliance and Insurance – Non-emergency medical transportation vehicles comply with all ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) safety regulations as well as federal, state, and local guidelines and are fully insured.
  • A Field Service Representative (FSR) is an EMT (emergency medical technician). The Stellar Transport FSRs serve as drivers and take care of patients to and from their destination. Field Service Representatives are trained to handle a variety of medical conditions and aid those with limited mobility safely. FSRs at Stellar Transport are equipped with ADA training in regard to senior sensitivity, disability understanding, transportation requirements, and civil rights compliance. Additionally, they are trained in adult and child CPR, passenger service and safety, and defensive driving. All Stellar Transport FSRs must pass a background check as well.
  • At Stellar Transport, all non-emergency medical transport vehicles are GPS-equipped so drivers/vehicles/patients are tracked at all times, reducing the risk for everyone and ensuring patients can be located at all times. In addition to GPS, all Stellar Transport Vehicles feature monitors to record drivers speed, ensuring safety at all times.
  • Bariatric transportation is provided for patients who require stretcher or wheelchair transportation or weigh more than 300 pounds. This service features specialized equipment to ensure clients are transported in safety and comfort.
  • Stellar provides patients in long-term healthcare scenarios such as those residing in nursing facilities or assisted living centers with regular transportation and the highest level of care to and from their medical appointments. In similar fashion, Stellar provides transportation services for chronic care patients who need ongoing transportation to and from recurring appointments for the treatment of chronic illness or injury.

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