When is Non-Emergency Ambulance Transportation Medically Necessary?

//When is Non-Emergency Ambulance Transportation Medically Necessary?

When is Non-Emergency Ambulance Transportation Medically Necessary?

Non-emergency ambulance transportation (NEMT), or non-emergency medical transportation, is an important service for patients who need to get to and from appointments but cannot rely on traditional transportation because of a disability, injury, or condition.

When you originally break your leg, you call an emergency ambulance to take you to the hospital. But what about your follow up appointments? Imagine getting on a public bus or catching an Uber in a wheelchair? Sounds pretty difficult, if not impossible. And no one wants to pay thousands of dollars to call back out an emergency ambulance. That’s where non-emergency ambulance transportation comes in handy, giving patients the specialized ride they require when they are not physically fit or mobile enough for traditional transportation measures.

In general, NEMT is a service that offers transportation to individuals who have more needs than can be fulfilled by a Lyft, Uber, bus or cab driver. For instance, they may need vehicles that are equipped to safely transport wheelchairs, stretchers, and so forth.

Even the best doctor in town can’t help you heal if you don’t make it to your scheduled appointments. According to a 2005 analysis by the Transportation Research Board, just under 4 million Americans cancel or delay medical appointments because they lack the transportation to get there. That’s why non-emergency ambulance transportation remains a crucial service that millions of people rely on.

Emergency Vs. Non-Emergency Transportation

Emergency ambulance services are required when someone is unable to drive themselves because they are experiencing a medical emergency that could turn life threatening without immediate medical attention. Non-emergency ambulance transportation varies in that the patient’s condition is not life threatening at that moment. Instead, the patient is unable to drive or take standard transportation for any number of reasons and requires special circumstances during transportation. For instance, wheelchair transportation, bariatric transportation, or stretcher transportation.

Some reasons you may require non-emergency medical transportation:

  • You require ongoing oxygen or other type of medical treatment while being transported.
  • Must remain immobile to prevent worsening an injury
  • Only moveable by stretcher
  • Only moveable by wheelchair
  • Need assistance getting in and out of the home, door-through-door transportation
  • Regular medical treatments, such as dialysis or chemo
  • You live in a rural area without access to other forms of transportation
  • You are currently taking medication(s) that make it unsafe and illegal for you to get behind the wheel.

Must NEMT always be medically related?

No, we are more than happy to take you wherever you need to go. Our services are catered to a variety of needs, including patients that are in wheelchairs, bedridden or require an additional driver on-site.

Benefits of Non-Emergency Ambulance Transportation 

NEMT offers countless benefits, such as…

  • The ability to attend crucial follow up appointments that aid in your recovery. Follow up appointments are often related to a recent surgery or medical procedure, in which case the patient may be taking medications that prohibit driving. So even patients who can usually drive themselves often rely on non-emergency medical transportation.
  • The ability to attend crucial treatments that your health and life depend on, such as weekly dialysis.
  • The power to stay on top of your health. A proactive approach is more cost effective as opposed to waiting for a more serious ailment to arise before you figure out how to get to your doctor.

NEMT aims to remove transportation barriers so that patients of all ages can enjoy proactive health care for a longer and healthier life. We feel fortunate to call this level of care our career. Contact us today to experience firsthand why our non-emergency medical transportation services are second to none.

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