Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, or NEMT, are services that exist to assist seniors and patients to travel in comfort and reach their destinations with medical oversight and assistance. Whether you have a physical impairment that limits your mobility and makes travel via standard vehicles difficult, or you require special medical care and monitoring at all times, various types of NEMT transport will ensure you make your scheduled appointment without delay. 

If you have a loved one that may benefit from utilizing NEMT transportation, here are the different types of services and the benefits we offer our clients at Stellar Transport. 

Wheelchair, Stretcher, and Handicap Transportation 

For patients and seniors who need a wheelchair or stretcher or have a handicap that prevents them from traveling with ease, NEMT transportation offers a solution. Depending on the needs of the patient, vehicles may come equipped with lifts to assist patients in wheelchairs or have the space and equipment necessary to accommodate a stretcher. 

NEMT’s helpful for those who may not otherwise be able to sit properly or comfortably in a regular vehicle and cannot use public transportation, in addition to the medical oversight and equipment present to ensure they receive the care they need. If your loved one has a physical impairment or handicap, you may benefit from booking NEMT transportation. 

Elderly Patient Transportation 

In addition to patients with physical impairments or handicaps, seniors make up a large portion of patients who benefit from NEMT services. In many cases, elderly patients are unable to drive on their own or may have physical limitations that make traveling via public transpiration difficult. 

While they may be able to receive a ride from a family member or a friend from time to time, in many cases, they may not be able to leave their home due to limited transportation opportunities. For such instances, NEMT services can ensure they arrive at their appointments and reach their destinations on time. Our drivers at Stellar Transport receive training to meet the many needs of elderly patients so that they can travel in comfort. 

Ambulatory Transportation 

Ambulatory transportation is the most common type of transportation. This type of NEMT service is for patients with various levels of mobility, with low floors and high tops that make entering and exiting the vehicle easier to manage. If you or a loved one does not need any special medical equipment or is capable of moving and riding on their own with little assistance, ambulatory transportation is a great way to ensure they arrive on time and in comfort.

Patient Transportation 

If your loved one needs a ride after surgery or requires life-support systems to travel to and from the hospital, patient transportation provides a non-emergency mode of transit. It ensures your loved one travels with a caring crew and all the necessary medical accessories to ensure they arrive safely. For further information, consult a member of Stellar Transport to learn more about our accommodations. 

Bariatric Transportation 

For patients who weigh over 400 pounds, standard vehicles are unable to accommodate them. In this instance, bariatric vehicles are best for the job, featuring special equipment and staff with the requisite training to ensure they can travel in comfort and avoid complications on the road. If you think your loved ones require bariatric services, booking a NEMT ride will ensure they arrive at their destination without delay. 

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NEMT services exist to ensure seniors and patients with physical impairments and medical conditions can travel in comfort and safety. If you would like to book a ride for yourself or a loved one, speak with a member of our team today.