Navigating Ground Transportation in a Wheelchair: 5 Different Options

//Navigating Ground Transportation in a Wheelchair: 5 Different Options

Navigating Ground Transportation in a Wheelchair: 5 Different Options

You have a lot of options when it comes to ground transportation services that cater to wheelchairs, including taxis, non-emergency transportation, UberWav, and more. We are big believers that a wheelchair should never hold you back from enjoying everything this great big world has to offer. Here are the pros and cons to using different forms of ground transportation in a wheelchair.

Pros & Cons of 5 Types of Ground Transportation for Wheelchairs

#1. Taxi Cab

Relying on taxis can work for some people in a wheelchair, especially if it’s fairly easy for you to maneuver out of your chair and into the back of a cab. From there, the driver can fold up your chair and pop it in the trunk.

If it’s not that easy for you to transport in and out of your chair, or you have a non-folding electric chair, a taxi may not be the best option unless you can call ahead and reserve a taxi that specializes in this.  In most cases, a 24-hour notice of reservation is sufficient.

You know how your chair works better than anyone, so don’t be afraid to be assertive with transportation providers when it comes to explaining how you’d like things done. You won’t need to educate a professional wheelchair transportation service, but a taxi driver may require some educating.

There is no consistency in wheelchair accessible taxis from one city to another. Play it safe by planning ahead and making reservations with an appropriate transporter so you don’t get caught in a jam.

Also, keep in mind, some taxi drivers are not willing to transport wheelchair passengers because they think it will take up too much time and cause them to lose money. By acting kind and patient, you may be able to change their preconceived notions. 

#2. UberWAV

Uber and Lyft are more modern options for transportation. In some regions, Lyft offers a special mode where you can search for wheelchair accessible vehicles. In addition, UberWAV connects riders who rely on non-folding motorized wheelchairs with drivers who operate wheelchair accessible vehicles. Always check ahead to ensure these services are available in your area.

#3. Non-emergency Transportation

Hiring a non-emergency transportation service is perhaps the easiest and most reliable way to ensure a safe and comfortable trip. For instance, we operate vehicles that are specially designed for all different types of wheelchairs. As a result, you don’t have to worry about dealing with an incompetent driver who doesn’t understand your needs. This limits uncertainty and takes a lot of stress out of traveling around.

#4. Rental Car

Another option is to rent a wheelchair accessible car outfitted with a ramp and other accessibility features. This works great if you have someone with you that can drive the vehicle, or if you are able to drive.

#5. Public Transportation – Trains, Buses & Subways

Thanks to organizations like the Untied Spinal Association, most public transportation offers wheelchair accessible features. In most cases, you can remain in your chair, which causes less stress and strain for you. Although, you won’t get to enjoy the same flexibility that private transportation options offer simply because buses, trains, and subways run on schedules that may or may not work with your personal itinerary for the day.

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