Emergency medical transportation can cost thousands of dollars, but non-emergency medical transportation is far more affordable. As with everything in life, emergencies end up costing more money than anything you actually plan for. The costs for all types of medical transportation are dependent on location (long distance or local transportation), and what type of specialized personnel are required.

All in all, transportation fees are calculated by taking into consideration pickup location, distance, and how much specialized care is needed at time of pick up, delivery and/or throughout the duration of the trip.

4 Factors That Influence Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Costs

#1. Distance Of Trip

Long distance non-emergency medical transportation is obviously going to cost more money than a quick ride across town and back. Lucky for you, we offer some of the most affordable long distance rates in the Melbourne area. Plus, we’ll take you anywhere you need to go, including clear across the United States.

#2. What Type Of Medical Professionals Do You Need On Site?

Some patients require 2 drivers, one to operate the vehicle and the other to sit with the patient, as with most wheelchair and stretcher patients. This helps safeguard patients against anything that might go wrong during transportation.

#3. Do You Need The Driver To Wait For You?

If you are going to a funeral or some other event that requires an unknown pick up time, you can hire a driver to sit and wait for the duration of the event. It’s well worth it to invest in this because it allows you to leave whenever you want without waiting for your ride to return. Additional costs are applied based on wait times.

#4. Do You Have Special Door-Through-Door Needs?

Quality non-emergency medical transportation includes providing door-through-door services for patients that need assistance getting out of their home. Door-through-door services are commonly utilized to transport bariatric patients that might be otherwise unable to comfortably get up and move into the vehicle. This also includes bedridden patients of all types, young and old, that require a stretcher to leave the home for whatever reason.

Door-through-door services are fundamental to the transportation of so many people each day. Trained professionals must properly conduct these services to deter injury or harm. A job well done is going to cost extra on top of standard transportation rates.

How To Save Money On Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Costs In Melbourne, FL

Kill Two Birds With One Stone

We are not talking about actually killing any innocent birds here, instead we are talking about getting two things down in one swooping effort. If you have multiple doctors that work in the same office building or general area, aim to book your appointments on the same day. This limits how many rides you require to accomplish the same thing.

If Possible, Ask Friends & Family First

If you don’t have special transportation requirements, such as the need for wheelchair-friendly handicap van or stretcher transportation, you could always ask your friends and family to get on a rotating schedule. If people switch off the responsibility of taking you to your appointments, it might work out so that each person only drives you once every other month or so. That’s a small sacrifice your loved ones will likely be willing to make to help you reduce non-emergency medical transportation costs.

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