It is common to get motion sick while traveling. Nobody enjoys this experience as it can be irritating and ruin a trip. Motion sickness generally happens while traveling long journeys. For example, if you are traveling in a moving vehicle while also on your phone or laptop, it is common for motion sickness to hit you. When you use your phone or laptop in a moving vehicle, signals from your eyes to your brain are messaging regarding a stationary position that is sedentary but yet is conflicted by balancing mechanisms. When this occurs, motion sickness arises.

Everyone gets motion sickness every once in a while. If it is not due to a cell phone or laptop, it can be because of a phone. Therefore, motion sickness is common and there is no reason to panic. Passengers tend to be more vulnerable to motion sickness than drivers. For example, when driving, a driver’s brain uses motor signals to control the car. Therefore, they are able to predict the motion. Motion sickness can be inconvenient, especially if you are not participating in activities that trigger the illness. To avoid being overwhelmed by motion sickness, consider the following:

How to Stop Motion Sickness

  • The most important thing to stop or avoid motion sickness is to not focus on your phone or laptop while traveling. Therefore, don’t distract your brain from where you are. Instead what you can try to do is get some sleep or rest your eyes. Rather than reading a physical book, you can even listen to an audiobook. These tactics greatly reduce the positional signals from your eye to your brain. Hence, it also reduces the confusion that we spoke about earlier.
  • Now if you want to be a bit of a rebel and you do not want to close your eyes whilst traveling, it is recommended that you don’t look at moving objects like waves and cars. When you look at moving objects, the chances of motion sickness become increasingly likely. It will make you even sicker. Instead, look ahead in the direction you are traveling in at a fixed point like the horizon.
  • If you are known to be motion sick on a regular basis, you can also minimize the risk of getting motion sickness by sitting in the front seat of a vehicle. If the front seat is available, accept the invitation to move forward.
  • Strong smells can sometimes trigger motion illness. Try and breathe the fresh air to avoid inhaling unpleasant smells. If you are in a car, open the window slightly or even turn on the A.C. 
  • Another useful thing to do would be to avoid eating heavy meals before traveling so you should keep your meals light.
  • Prior to heading out on your travels, consider the tactic of ginger. Research shows that ginger is quite good for motion sickness. 
  • If motion sickness occurs, avoid gulping on water. Rather, you should also stay hydrated but remember small sips.

Non-Emergency Medical Services

Now that you know how to prevent motion sickness, consider contacting non-emergency medical services for your transportation needs. At Stellar Transport, NEMT is available. The professional staff at Stellar Transport are efficiently trained to handle all sorts of transportation needs. Drivers are all certified in elderly patient sensitivity. This also means the drivers are aware of motion sickness tendencies. The technology offered in the Stellar Transport vehicles is also state-of-the-art equipment and technology which allows for safe and comfortable rides. Traveling up to 150-miles, Stellar Transport can take you where you need. For more information, contact Stellar Transport today.