How to Make a Nursing Home Feel More Like Home

//How to Make a Nursing Home Feel More Like Home

How to Make a Nursing Home Feel More Like Home

One of the biggest complaints we hear about living in a nursing home is that it simply doesn’t feel like home. Luckily, there are things you can do to make a nursing home feel more like home for your loved one.

6 Ways to Make Your Nursing Home Feel More Homey

Five percent of adults aged 65 and older live in a nursing home, fifty percent of which are 85 or older. With older generations expanding, more and more adults are moving into assisted living facilities, but that doesn’t mean everybody is excited about it. Here are some ways to get your loved one more excited about their current living situation.

#1. Take Turns Visiting Often

Have family members and friends take turns visiting on a regular basis. By taking turns, you ensure that there is always someone on the itinerary to come and say hello. This prevents everyone from stopping in around the same time and then leaving long periods where no one drops in. Seeing friends and family in your new space will always make a place feel more like home.

Even if the nursing staff is taking care of day-to-day care, your loved one still wants (and needs) to see you. You don’t have to plan every visit. Stopping by for an impromptu visit is always a good idea as well.

#2. Decorate Their Space with Special Memories

Add plenty of pictures and mementoes from your loved one’s life throughout their nursing home accommodations. The more you can make their apartment look like their previous home, the better in terms of making the place feel more like home.

#3. Bring Homemade Food

A family favorite home cooked meal is comfort food for the soul. When you stop by, bring something from home for them to enjoy, be it cookies or the family’s favorite quiche. This gives your loved one a break from on-site food which might seem foreign and unfamiliar. It also gives you a chance to share a meal together.

#4. Take Them Out

Staying in your own home 24/7 can be depressing, and the same is true for being stuck inside a nursing home all hours of the day and night. That’s why it’s important to go on outings. Assisted living facilities and nursing homes typically take residents to the store and on other errands, but it’s always nice to go with close family and friends. Instead of always hanging out at the nursing home, go out for fun outings, as well as regular errand runs. Even going for a walk outdoors can boost their overall mood.

#5. Maintain Family Traditions

Continue to maintain family traditions after your loved one moves into an assisted living facility. Keeping up with weekly dinners or other traditions will help make your loved one still feel like a part of the family and reduce feelings of isolation. It also gives them something to look forward to on a regular basis. You can always make new traditions too – like a family game night in the comfort of your loved one’s apartment or room. Having family over will help make the place feel more like home.

#6. Find the Right Nursing Home

Older Americans largely prefer to live in our beautiful state of Florida – and for good reason! The sun is shining, there’s no income tax, and they have friends who have chosen to live in the same state. So, simply living in a Florida nursing home can make things a bit brighter. Not to mention, there are a wide variety of nursing homes to choose from in Melbourne, Florida. Do your research, visit all of your options, and make sure your loved one is on board with the facility that you select. Some places will feel far more like home than others.

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