Long Distance Transportation for Seniors – Here’s What You Need to Know

//Long Distance Transportation for Seniors – Here’s What You Need to Know

Long Distance Transportation for Seniors – Here’s What You Need to Know

When you need to travel to another city, long distance non-emergency medical transportation is available without mileage fees or other unexpected add-on costs.  What you want is a comfortable ride in an accessible vehicle with a safe professional driver to take you where you want to go when you need to be there. Long distance transportation includes any trip over 150 miles, which at least three hours in the vehicle or more. When choosing long distance transportation for you or your loved one, you want to ensure a comfortable and safe trip with drivers and personnel you can trust. Here’s what you need to know before booking long distance transportation.

The Type of Vehicle

If you need long distance transportation, modern, comfortable, clean, and safe transportation is crucial. The transportation you choose should be properly maintained, safe, and reliable, making a break down or technical issues along the way unlikely. Before hiring a long-distance non-emergency medical transportation company, always ask what type of vehicles are in the company’s fleet. You want to select a transportation company with newer crash compliant vehicles, fully loaded, maintained, sanitized, and inspected weekly to ensure cleanliness, safety, reliability, and comfort.

The Accessibility Factor

For many people, accessibility is crucial. Accessible vehicles should be available with lowered floors and raised ceilings to accommodate ambulatory riders who are completely mobile. For those without full mobility, the transportation service should offer fully accessible vehicles with ramps and lifts for those in wheelchairs with stretcher accommodations as needed. The vehicles should be fully loaded with all needed equipment to accommodate patients of all mobility levels in complete comfort.

The Driver and Transportation Team

The driver responsible for transporting you and your loved one for a long-distance trip should be fully trained and well-qualified. Appropriate training means drivers and other transportation team members are professionals. Drivers and other members of the transportation team should be trained in patient and elder care sensitivity, be HIPAA and CPR certified, trained in defensive driving techniques. Drivers and members of the transportation team must always be attentive, focused on the safety and comfort of passengers to make the journey as pleasant as possible.   In addition, all team members should be alcohol, drug, and smoke-free. 

The Extra Charges

Comfort and safety are keys to successful long-distance transportation, but cost is important as well. When seeking a quality transportation company, always ask about any additional charges you might incur. You don’t want to reach your destination only to find additional, unexpected fees have been added to your final bill.

The Distance

Sometimes non-emergency medical transportation services limit the number of miles for transporting long-distance patients, making it important to ask before you go. You certainly don’t want to book a trip which goes outside your transportation company’s limitations and end up with additional charges not disclosed in the information you received. This may mean you need to know the exact number of miles you are traveling before you contact a transportation service for an estimate.  The best companies go the distance for you, even driving to pick you up with any additional charge.

The Experience

At Stellar Transport, we provide all these services and more for seniors needing long distance transportation. At Stellar, we serve all of Florida with non-emergency long-distance transportation, with a 150-mile minimum. Our service is ideal for seniors, those who are disabled, wheelchair patients, and those who need stretcher transportation. Experience the difference of Stellar Transport by booking your long-distance transportation today. At Stellar, from drivers to vehicles, to comfort and safety, you can expect exceptional service on every trip – local to long-distance.

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