Local Resources to Help Seniors Who Still Live at Home

//Local Resources to Help Seniors Who Still Live at Home

Local Resources to Help Seniors Who Still Live at Home

Most seniors want to continue living in their own home for as long as possible before moving to a senior home or advanced care facility. Luckily, there are plenty of local resources in Melbourne, FL to help seniors live at home for longer. Florida is in an especially good position to do this because over 17% of our population is made up by people 75 and older. That’s higher than the national median of 13%, and the highest average across all states. Therefore, if you’re a senior living in Florida, you’ve got more options for local resources than people residing in other states.

4 Local Resources to Check Out to Help Seniors Live at Home

#1. In Home Caregivers

There are many in home caregivers in the area that can help provide as much or as little help as you require. In home caregivers typically charge by the hour so you can hire them for the number of hours that works with your budget and needs. Shop around to find the right level of care at an affordable cost to you. Check with your insurance provider to see if they offer any coverage for in home care.

#2. Meals on Wheels & Other Meal Delivery Services

One of the bigger concerns for seniors who still live at home is that they aren’t eating high quality nutritious foods, or that they aren’t even eating enough. Programs like Meals on Wheels offer a solution to that problem by delivering hot and healthy meals to seniors 60 and over who are no longer able to cook.

The meals are free, and seniors often look forward to seeing the friendly faces who deliver them. Even just 20 minutes of socializing with a meal delivery volunteer can make all the difference in overall happiness. Not to mention, the benefits of eating a healthy hot meal.

Meals on Wheels delivers food to hundreds of people in Brevard County every day, and they aren’t the only program like this in the area. Check out this list on seniorresourcealliance.org to see information about different programs throughout the area that deliver meals to seniors.

#3. Reliable Non-emergency Medical Transportation 

Seniors who no longer drive are often moved to nursing homes, but just because a senior can’t drive doesn’t mean they need to move out of their home. There are transportation services catered to seniors, ensuring your loved one makes it to all of their scheduled appointments.

Not to toot our own horn or anything, but we specialize in non-emergency medical transportation for seniors. We have many regulars that we enjoy picking up and taking to their doctor appointments, as well as other events. Finding a great non-emergency transportation service is key to helping your loved one get to appointments and other places they need to go.

We even offer door-through-door transportation, helping patients get in and out of their homes safely and comfortably.

See Pricing Details for Non-emergency Medical Transportation

#4. Seniors Assistance Program

The Seniors Assistance Program offers a variety of services to help seniors who still live at home. They offer home improvements, short-term homemaking and personal care, legal advice, transportation to meal sites, and other forms of assistance. For instance, they have installed safety grab bars, as well as access ramps and other safety related features. This program is responsible for so much good work.

You are eligible if you are 60 and over and own your home. For more information visit: http://agingmattersbrevard.org/service/seniors-assistance-program

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