Assisted living homes can make some seniors feel trapped, as if they have lost their independence. While adjusting to a new setting can be difficult, senior citizens can obtain their independence through non-emergency transportation services. Senior transportation such as Stellar Transport in Melbourne, Florida, allows for those in assisted living to run errands and be out in the world like anyone else. Sustaining independence is made easy with Stellar Transport.

Keeping Connected

Moving to an assisted living home can cause fear for some seniors as they might think they will never be able to attend family events again. Social isolation might sneak in as a senior believes they can no longer participate in outside activities. Fortunately, attending family dinners, events, and activities is still possible with Stellar Transport. Non-emergency vehicles will gladly assist in transporting seniors to where they need to be. While not participating in outdoor events can result in detrimental impacts to seniors’ health, at Stellar Transport, we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy social life. Our services allow seniors to call us whenever they would like to attend a dinner or gathering.

Alternate Transportation

When the signs begin to show it might be time to stop driving, some seniors will try to hold on for as long as they can. No longer being able to operate their vehicles can be a difficult transition. Fear of not being able to run errands, travel, attend gatherings, or go to work might linger. However, most seniors surrender their licenses when they begin to struggle with certain driving tasks and laws. For seniors, not being able to drive around anymore does not mean independence is lost. Seniors can rely on Stellar Transportation on the Space Coast to get them to where they need to be.

Enjoying a Day Out

Summertime is beautiful in Florida. With the sun shining and birds chirping, what is there not to enjoy? Seniors should experience the same summertime joy as all other individuals. From walks or picnics in the parks to summer concerts, seniors are provided with the access to go where they need with non-emergency transportation services. With the weekends being great for an outdoor picnic, seniors can pack a snack and call Stellar Transportation to assist in driving them to the nearest park. If a concert is occurring at an outside venue, non-emergency transportation services can assist in allowing seniors to attend.

Going On Trips

Planning a trip is now possible for seniors with non-emergency transportation services. At Stellar Transport, we will gladly take seniors on local or distanced trips up to 150 miles. Whether seniors wish to stay overnight or not, Stellar Transport will assist in accommodating their needs. When seniors are ready to be picked up, they can give Stellar a call, and one of the professional drivers will be there in no time. Nothing says independence like being able to escape with family or friends to another destination.

A Personalized Experience

At Stellar Transportation, we treat every senior as if they are a part of our own family. All of our drivers are CPR and first-aid trained in case of emergencies. No matter where seniors desire to go, we will take them there. Whether they wish to go on a local trip or to the doctor, we are here to support them every step of the way. For long distant events, we provide transportation for up to 150 miles. We provide door-to-door transportation services that assist in helping seniors get to and from vehicles. At Stellar Transport, we go the extra mile by walking each user to their home’s front door. For more information, contact us today.