Do you or your loved one have medical conditions or physical impairments that can make it challenging to travel via your private vehicle or through public transportation? If so, an ambulance is not your only means of transportation. Non-Emergency Medical Transpiration (NEMT) exists for patients and seniors who need special care or accommodation during transit, and Stellar Transport provides services that are more affordable than calling an ambulance and can accommodate a variety of patients. 

Before you book a ride with a NEMT service, you should check that they can meet any needs you or your loved one have to avoid complications during transit. Here are some important things to check with your NEMT before finalizing your booking. 

Safety Measures 

Before choosing a provider to partner with, the first thing you should always check up on is their safety procedures. Consider asking about their hiring practices and what kind of qualifications or training their drivers receive to get a better understanding of what you can expect from their service. 

If you or your loved one have a very specific need or require certain types of care or equipment, then you need to know that your driver can accommodate them. Safety should always be the highest priority and one of the first things to research before booking with a NEMT provider. 

Qualifications & Accreditation 

In addition to checking the safety measures of a provider, another important item to check is whether the provider is an accredited company and their drivers are appropriately qualified to handle medical emergencies. This is vital for ensuring you or your loved one is safe during transit. 

Routine Maintenance

NEMT vehicles are constantly on the road for a stream of different clients, resulting in much natural wear and tear. The state of the vehicles is important, and you need to be aware of their condition, so consider asking your provider about how often their fleet of vehicles undergoes maintenance. If possible, ask about the condition of the specific vehicle you or your loved one will be riding in. 


Aside from providing safe and reliable medical transportation for patients or seniors, another aspect of NEMT services is ensuring patients get to where they need to go on time. If a provider cannot get you to your destination on time, then even if they provide safe transportation, they will still not make for an ideal service. Check their driving record and scour their website for customer testimonials to see if they are reliable and punctual. 

Bariatric Transportation? 

For some overweight patients, a standard NEMT vehicle may not be able to accommodate them if they are over a certain weight threshold. For such cases, bariatric vehicles can accommodate patients who weigh over 400 pounds. People who are severely obese are at greater risk for heart problems, diabetes, hypertension, and more, will need bariatric transportation for ensuring safe and reliable transportation. If you are unsure whether you require a bariatric vehicle, speak with your NEMT provider to determine the best solution. 

Door-to-Door Services 

Some NEMT services offer door-to-door pickup services where they will assist you from your room and to your hospital bed. This is an essential service for patients who have medical conditions or physical impairments that make it challenging to leave their homes and enter vehicles on their own. If you or your loved one would benefit from receiving assistance from a driver, then look for a NEMT provider that offers door-to-door services. 

Book with Confidence 

Stellar Transport offers NEMT services for patients and seniors who need medical care and attention during transit. If you or your loved one have a medical condition or physical impairment that makes riding in standard vehicles a challenge, contact Stellar Transport to book your next ride.