Do you live away from your parents? Be it for your work or any other reason, living at a distance from your parents can stress you out because of not being able to take care of them properly. Yes, taking care from distance can be difficult but do not let it overwhelm you. We, the team at Stellar Transport offer these six simple ways to help make sure your parents are fine and safe – from a distance.

Learn About Your Parents’ Medical Condition

Making note of the medical history of your parents will help keep a check on their health. Proper knowledge of your parents’ medical conditions and their ongoing treatments can help prevent any crisis. Taking care of your parents from a distance can be difficult but you can help by scheduling appointments with the doctor regularly and reminding your parents to take their medicines on time. Regular assessment will help to avoid any severe conditions.

Stay Connected with Your Parents’ Neighbors and Friends

When you live away from your parents, it becomes extremely important to stay aware of everything that goes on around them. Stay in touch with your parents’ neighbors and close friends regularly because they are the ones who can keep you updated about their health condition and any changes. Keeping an eye on their health can help you understand what to do and howto stay prepared.

Stay Connected Through Technology

Technology has come a long way. Distance doesn’t feel like what it was once was. You can now make a video call to your parents with the help of certain apps. Let your parents know you are close to them and they can reach you whenever needed. Video calls are seen as more effective than voice calls since they help you better interpret what your parents are saying and how they are doing. Body gestures and facial expressions are particularly important in understanding your parents and are often lost through voice calls.


Aging parents require constant help and support. You can hire an in-house caretaker for your parents. This will help take a lot of pressure off you. An in-house caretaker can provide the required attention to your parents and can help assist them when you are not around.

Helping with Legal and Financial Needs

It is difficult to do everything for your parents from a distance, but there are many ways you can help. Instead, look at your strengths. If your finances are good, help your parents financially. Pay the bills as and when required. Don’t let your parents get stressed because of financial problems. You can also help in organizing financial and legal aid whenever needed to make these tasks easier for your parents.

Plan Visits

It can be difficult to visit your parents regularly however it is recommended to schedule visits once every four to six weeks. It is important to meet your loved ones to show them you care and are available to help.

Make sure you are making the most of your visits. Spend quality time with your parents and help them enjoy the visit and relax. Watch movies together or go out for a drive. This will help refresh their minds and reduce any stress they may be going through.

Arrange Transportation Services for Your Parents

It can be tough for your aging parents to arrange transportation on their own. Transport is important to go for regular health checkups. Lack of transportation services can make it difficult and might affect their health condition. They might also feel like visiting their friends or loved ones and lack of transportation may force them to compromise their wishes.

We at Stellar Transport make efforts to avoid this inconvenience so your loved ones can get to appointments easily. Our team aims to provide hassle-free transportation to ensure the safety of our customers. We give our best to help your loved ones reach their destination safely.