Typically, everyone wants to live in their home for as long as they can. Likewise, the elderly share the same sentiments. Unfortunately, when it comes to their best interests, it’s not the right thing to do. And that’s where the talk with them about moving to assisted living comes in. 

It’s important to inform them wisely that they are losing their functional abilities. As a result, moving to assisted living is practical for their physical and mental health.  And this is a conversation you rush. That said, here is a guide you can use:

Start Slowly 

You need to begin this journey earlier when they’re still in great shape. It’s also known as ‘planting the seed’. When you have groundwork, it’s easier to convince them than to start from scratch. Also, it will make the transition more fun and exciting. 


Next, research potential places your loved one may prefer. After shortlisting several options, take them for a tour there. Remember, they must be willing to go for the tour. If you detect resistance, abandon the course for a while until another opportunity presents itself.  

Leverage the Teachable Moments 

Use this step wisely as it can provoke resentment. For instance, has your loved one experienced an accident recently? Well, you can leverage that as a conversation starter for assisted living. Use this opportunity to highlight the benefits of that place. Meanwhile, don’t be in a rush to use that incident right away. You should wait for a while before using it as a teachable moment. 

Provoke them to retell the story. And as a good response, you should sound concerned and mention it was a close call. Thereafter, introduce the subject of assisted living as a potent solution for such experiences. When it comes to timing, it all depends on your gut. Let your loved ones picture the need for assisted living alone. Do not force the idea on them. 

Use Referrals

Besides your research, referrals can help you find the best-assisted facility for your loved one. You can get this info from close friends or distant relatives with loved ones in these facilities. Specifically, focus on referrals from those whose loved ones are doing well in an assisted living facility. Also, you can seek referrals from the members of the community. 

Tour the facility

During the tour to several facilities with your loved ones, highlight the fun aspect of the place. Let them look around to see if they can discover people they know. Also, allowing them to interact with the place and the community within the facility will determine if they’ll love it. However, if they’re not taking the tour positively, consider a change of plans. Take them somewhere peaceful to relax and calm down. 

  • Mention the benefits – it’s important to note the benefits they stand to gain from assisted living. 
  • Allow them to digest – after informing them about assisted living, give them time to process the information. 
  • Organize a family meeting. Well, getting views from different family members can sometimes help the elderly accept the assisted living facility. 
  • Patience: unless moving them to an assisted facility is an emergency, be patient with them. 

Getting Started 

When your loved one finally agrees to move to assisted living or even before, they’ll need help with transportation. And to ensure they don’t feel like a bother to anybody, you can hire Stellar Transport Services. 

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