Summer is the ideal time to stay connected with family and friends. In fact, the beloved seniors in your family need those connections to ensure their health and happiness and give you and your family peace of mind. Outdoor activities are a great way to stay connected, ensure social interactions, stay connected, and improve everyone’s physical and mental health. Here are some great ways for seniors to stay connected with family and friends this summer!

Planting a Garden

Gardening together is a great way to stay connected. For many seniors, creating a garden with family or friends may mean rediscovering a favorite hobby and connecting with others. If your senior already has a personal garden encourage them by joining in tending it or helping them add new plant or flower varieties within. If not, consider a community garden project you can join together, caring for the garden while meeting new like-minded friends.    

Yoga or Tai Chi

Yoga and Tai Chi are great options to help seniors get moving, meet new friends, and stay socially connected. Yoga is a wonderful low-impact exercise which doesn’t require a great deal of strength and tai chi is a graceful exercise done in a focused manner. The benefits of either are great and can help seniors stretch, move joints, and improve overall health and wellness. 

Head to the Beach

Everyone loves a beach day, so grab your favorite senior adult and head to the beach with the family. Provide options for shade and remind everyone in your party to apply a protective layer of sunscreen and bring along a hat. Vitamin D is great for muscle function, but you also want everyone to stay safe while enjoying their day in the sun. Going to the beach is a great way to spend summer days outdoors connecting with family and friends.  

Enjoy Pool Time Fun 

If the beach isn’t a favorite of your senior loved one, how about some time at the pool? Pool time is a great way to unwind and swimming is the perfect exercise for seniors and beneficial for healthy aging. Enjoying a few hours by the pool can also help seniors relax. If your senior enjoys the pool, suggest a water aerobics class as a way to connect with old friends and meet new ones. For outdoor pools, remind everyone to wear sunscreen, reapply it at regular intervals, and always stay hydrated. 

Take a Stroll or Maybe Even a Run

Enjoying a leisurely stroll or heading out for a run with friends or family members helps everyone stay connected while releasing endorphins and improving overall physical health. If your loved one is in a wheelchair, heading outside for a walk around the community allows them to enjoy your company and greet neighborhood friends along the way. 

Visit a Local Park

Local parks offer easy access to time outside, a change in scenery, and staying connected with friends and family. Plan a picnic at the park with fun food and beverages and enjoy the time together. Invite some friends to join the fun. Bring along some music, play classic games, and reminisce about past gatherings of family and friends. Everyone will enjoy the time together and your seniors will relish the opportunity to stay connected with friends and family.  

Stellar Transportation Services

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