No matter your age or phase in life, socialization will always be essential. We all strive for community, connection, and intimacy on different levels. For young people, the ability to socialize allows for continuous growth and development. For older adults, the need for socialization is persistent and can help avoid isolation, create a sense of belonging, and improve health. When it comes to seniors in assisted living facilities, socialization is vital. Meeting new people can assist in creating new memories and achieve a healthier outlook on life.

Why Socialization is Important

Socialization provides value, and the older people get, the more at risk they are for feeling lonely. While senior citizens likely live alone or away from their loved ones, isolation becomes common. During COVID-19 restrictions, seniors were even more at risk as the pandemic resulted in quarantining, social distancing, and the inability to go outside. With restrictions easing, seniors are now able to regain the benefits of socialization. After nearly a year of some seniors receiving little to no contact, physical and emotional distress might have developed. Socializing with others can avoid the potential impacts of isolation, as senior citizens develop a sense of warmth through the community.

Taking Advantage of Community Opportunities

Whether it is bingo or karaoke night, seniors should take advantage of as many events as possible at their assisted living facility. Game nights and other events can provide seniors the opportunity of meeting new friends. New connections can grant seniors the ability to increase the number of people they talk to daily. If seniors are uninterested in the events proposed by the assisted living facility, they should consider hosting an intimate group themselves. Whether seniors love reading, knitting, or watching movies, a social club can be created from just about any hobby. Beginning a club can allow seniors to branch out in their community by connecting them with others who share the same interests.

Attend Outings

With COVID-19 restrictions easing, seniors can begin attending to social life outside of an assisted living facility. With non-emergency transportation services such as Stellar Transport, seniors can request transportation services to just about anywhere. Located in Melbourne, Florida, Stellar Transport can take seniors to where they need to go, whether they want to attend a family dinner or the park. Seniors should attempt to go to a family dinner once a week or at the least every month. The push to attend an outside dinner with those they are familiar with can encourage seniors to gain the courage they need to socialize within their housing facility.

If seniors enjoy spending time at parks, they can also gather a group for a weekend outing. Similar to how seniors might begin a social club, they can ask around those interested in heading for an outdoor festivity. Activities seniors can consider while at the park including having a picnic, taking a walk, painting a portrait, or reading a book. Finding a small group of people who enjoy the same activities can create lifelong friends.

Stellar Transport

While there are plenty of ways for seniors to stay social in assisted living, wandering outside the walls of the facility can increase mental clarity. At Stellar Transport, we provide seniors with non-emergency transportation services. Whether seniors would like to attend a dinner or other event, we are here for them when they need us. Seniors can often become stressed about not having reliable transportation to get them to where they need to be. With Stellar Transport, seniors will not have to worry about missing another family dinner or party. For more information, contact us today.