People enter assisted living for a variety of reasons. Once you and your loved one have decided the time has come to make the transition, you might not know where to start or how to prepare for the transition. Entering a new community is always anxiety-inducing and moving into an assisted living community is no different, but it does not have to be. 

The key is in how you go about preparing for the transition and helping your loved ones along the way to ensure they remain comfortable throughout the change. Here are some things you should do to help ease the transition into assisted living.

Choosing A Community 

The first thing you should do is spend a considerable amount of time researching the different assisted living communities in your area. This will help you get a sense of what the communities are like and the amenities they offer to seniors. Once you settle on a few options which catch your eye, you should consider visiting each of them to speak with the residents, the caregivers, and the leadership to get a better understanding of how the community operates and whether it would be a good match for your loved one. Also, remember to compare the living costs between the various communities and identify what services they include with their monthly fees.

Getting Setup 

Once you have settled on a community for them to transition into, you can begin helping them pack their belongings. Some communities offer packing services to help seniors move into their new homes, so check with the community management before you start doing it on your own. 

Once you start packing, remember all of your loved one’s belongings might not need to come with them, so be sure to start with all the important items and furniture before packing anything else. Once they settle in their new home, do the best you can to set it up to be like their previous home, and remember to help them set up utilities, cable, and internet services, as well as anything else like mail forwarding at your local post office.

Get Involved In The Community 

One of the advantages of moving into an assisted living community is all the programs they offer to their residents. Make sure your loved one gets their hands on a community calendar and encourage them to participate in the social programs and activities. These opportunities give them something to do and allow them to connect with others and build relationships that will make living in the community a far better experience.

Spend Time With Them

Just like you would if they were living at their previous home, remember to spend time with them in their new home, especially early on when they are still adjusting to the transition. This is especially important as they learn to navigate their new environment and will help prevent them from feeling abandoned.


Even if you are happy to give them a ride when you can, you may not always be available for your loved one all the time. In light of that, many communities offer transportation means for seniors to run errands or visit a doctor. Additionally, there are non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services available that provide transportation for seniors and patients in wheelchairs and stretchers as well as those who have ventilators and other medical equipment. These services will guarantee they are traveling safely and reliably.

Stellar Transport’s crew undergoes appropriate training to transport patients safely and efficiently with various needs and requirements. Our drivers can transport your loved ones to and from their assisted living home with the proper care and expertise to meet their needs.