What is a Gurney Transport and How Much Does It Cost?

//What is a Gurney Transport and How Much Does It Cost?

What is a Gurney Transport and How Much Does It Cost?

Gurney transport is catered to patients with limited mobility who are bedbound or require a stretcher to be moved. Patients remain on the stretcher the entire time with the flexibility to sit up or remain lying down. The use of specialized equipment keeps patients safely secured in the vehicle without having to relocate them to a standard seat, which may be uncomfortable, risky, or physically impossible.

You cannot place a stretcher in just any car and expect all to go well. Certain precautions, equipment and systems are necessary to ensure patient safety in an accident or even during a sudden stop.

Old age, injury, or weight gain are all factors that can cause just about anyone to require gurney transportation. Just as no two stretcher patients are the same, the transportation needs of patients vary too. Gurney transportation isn’t just for doctor appointments or scheduled treatments. It is commonly used to attend special events like weddings, family functions, funerals, and religious services, as well as home visits. It’s important for patients of all mobility to have the freedom to attend important events, and we are here to help make that possible.

Gurney transportation includes:

  • Transporting the patient from his/her bed to their intended destination
  • The use of specialized equipment, vans, and ambulance cots to safely and comfortably transport patients
  • At least two providers are sent out to safely transport gurney patients into and out of the vehicle. Depending on weight or condition of patient, more providers may be necessary.

4 Important Aspects of Successful Gurney Transportation

Gurney transportation involves bed-side to bed-side services in which drivers remain with the patient the entire time. At this level of hands-on involvement, it’s important that patients receive proper care the whole way through so they feel comfortable and safe.

1. Comfort

Comfort is everything when it comes to gurney transportation. Utilizing newer model vehicles outfitted with specialized equipment is only part of it. The act of transporting patients from their bed to outside and into the vehicle should be a calm and comforting experience as well.

2. Safety

Drivers should be knowledgeable in best practices, CPR, and first-aid to protect each patient’s health out on the road and during physical transportation of the stretcher and patient. Driver training is key to keeping patients safe every step of the way.

3. Timely Transport

No one wants to be late to their appointment! That’s why it’s important to pick a transportation service that takes all things into consideration when making the initial plan to pick up a patient. That way, you can make it your intended destination on time without a hitch.

4. ADA Compliance

Before hiring just any company for gurney transport, make sure they are ADA compliant and follow the latest guidelines for safely and effectively transporting stretcher patients.

How Much Does Gurney Transportation Cost?

In-county one-way trips for stretcher patients that weight up to 299 pounds start at $99 per trip + $3.30 per mile. There is an extra charge for patients weighing over 300 pounds because additional staff is required on the scene. 

If you make three trips per week, say for instance due to dialysis treatments, we offer a flat rate of $299 per week, which includes 10 miles per day, 3 days a week.

Prices can fluctuate based on several factors, so the best way to know how much gurney transportation will cost you is to contact us for a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you!

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