Frequently Asked Questions About Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

//Frequently Asked Questions About Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Frequently Asked Questions About Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

As the leading provider of non-emergency medical transportation in Melbourne, FL, we get a lot of questions about transportation services. Allow us to answer some of the most commonly asked questions we receive. If you don’t see your question below, simply give us a call. We are more than happy to answer any and all of your questions.

#1.  Do you offer door-through-door services?

Yes! We are more than happy to provide door-through-door services. Our specialties include bariatric transportation and stretcher transportation, both of which rely on door-through-door services. Regardless of mobility, our friendly and reputable drivers provide all the help necessary to get you or your loved one out of the house and to your appointment on time. 

#2. Are your drivers first-aid certified and trained in CPR?

No matter what happens out on the road, we vow to keep your loved one as safe as possible. That’s why all our drivers are trained in CPR and first aid certified. Furthermore, our drivers are HIPAA certified; undergo patient and elder sensitivity, as well as defensive driving courses.

#3. What type of transportation equipment do you use?

We rely on Stryker and Ferno brand wheelchairs, stretchers, and other medical transportation equipment. This is the same brand of equipment that the Brevard County Fire Department relies on as well.

#4. Do you provide transportation to things other than doctor appointments?

Of course! We can take you wherever you need to go, from physical therapy appointments to a graduation party for your grandchild. If you are going somewhere that does not have a specific end time, you can request drivers stay on site so that you have a ride the moment you are ready to leave.

#5. How do you ensure vehicles are safe and clean?

We never use old or unreliable vehicles to transport our clients. All our vehicles are 2013 or newer, and certified crash test compliant. Weekly inspections are performed on all vehicles to provide the highest level of reliability and safety. Cleanliness is another thing we take very seriously. All vehicles are detailed on a weekly basis.

#6. Are drivers drug tested?

Driving can turn dangerous rather quickly, that’s why we take every precaution possible to hire the safest drivers. All employees are subject to drug testing and we operate a smoke-free and alcohol-free business.

#7. How do you monitor drivers out on the road?

We rely on advanced vehicle monitoring systems to ensure patient safety out on the road at all times. Our vehicles are equipped with full driver-monitoring systems that track speed, braking, acceleration, and more.

#8. Do you offer long distance non-emergency medical transportation?

Yes! We offer both local and long distance transportation. We are more than happy to take you anywhere in Florida or beyond. Don’t live in Melbourne? We can pick you up from anywhere in Florida, as long as your trip meets a 150-mile minimum for long distance transportation. There is no minimum millage for local transportation.

#9. How many drivers do you send out?

Depending on your situation, health, and mobility we can send out as many as 5 drivers. We typically send out at least 2 drivers, one to drive and one to sit in back, monitor and keep track of patients. Talk to us about your situation and any concerns you may have and we can help you decide on how many drives you need.

#10.  Do you offer stretcher transportation?

Yes! We specialize in stretcher transportation for patients that are bed-ridden, recently out of surgery, unable to sit in a wheelchair, or immobile for any reason at all. All stretchers come with a minimum 2-person crew to ensure safety and comfort.

#11. Do you offer bariatric transportation?

Yes! We specialize in bariatric transportation. We have 24” wheelchairs and stretchers to support utmost comfort for patients of all sizes. Depending on patient size, we can send out more or less drivers.

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