Evaluating Senior Living Facilities in Light of Transportation Options

//Evaluating Senior Living Facilities in Light of Transportation Options

Evaluating Senior Living Facilities in Light of Transportation Options

Driving is often a concern for senior adults and their loved ones. For this reason, many assisted living facilities offer transportation as part of the accommodations included in their monthly fees.
Residents need accessibility to get them where they want (or need) to go and keep them connected to their community. Some facilities feature their own vans which take residents shopping, to medical appointments, to the hairdresser or barber, or for social outings, as well as bringing residents home from the hospital. Other facilities partner with local medical transportation services to get residents to and from these locations.

Common Transportation Options

Transportation options for seniors is an important factor when evaluating senior living facilities. The availability of transportation varies among facilities and communities, and for many seniors is a deciding factor in selecting the facility best suited to meet their needs. Whatever their wants and needs for going outside the facility, family members want to see that their loved ones’ needs are met. As families and seniors evaluate assisted living facilities, asking about transportation and associated costs is often a crucial factor. At some facilities transportation is covered in the standard fees as part of the overall package, while at others it is an add-on expense billed among other monthly fees. In most cases, when transportation is offered, it included the following:

  • Medical Appointments – Medical appointments, including therapy, means transportation to and from appointments. Often this is included in a facility standard package, though there may be limitations regarding distance traveled and days available. Restricting appointments to specific days of the week allows for other activities which require transportation. When medical or therapy visits fall outside the restrictions, additional fees may apply.
  • Facility Organized Social/Recreational Outings – Many assisted living communities offer organized social and recreational outings which include transportation. The transportation for facility organized outings is typically included in the facilities standard package.
  • Shopping Trips – Some facilities offer shopping trips on limited days to selected locations, which may or may not be included as part of the communities’ overall package pricing/
  • Religious Services – In most cases, trips to religious services or events will incur an additional transportation fee.
  • Trips to visit friends or family and other social/recreational outings – Transportation for social or recreational outing or visits to friends and family would also incur an additional transportation fee.

Important Questions to Ask When Evaluating Transportation Services at a Senior Living Facility

When comparing transportation services at Senior Living Facilities, the best approach is to have a consistent set of question to ask. With these questions, you can determine if a facility will meet the needs of you and your loved one.

  • When transportation is needed, how quickly can it be scheduled?
  • What are the limitations on transport to medical, dental, therapy appointments?
  • What types of social and recreational outings are common?
  • Is transportation to shopping and restaurants included or available at an additional fee? How much advance notice is required to arrange transportation?
  • Does the community provide its own transportation or contract with a local transportation provider?
  • Whether community owned or contracted, how is vehicle safety maintained?
  • Does the transportation provide wheelchair accessibility?
  • Are the drivers’ screened? What qualifications must your drivers have?
  • How are special travel arrangements handled – like visits to family or friends, church or synagogue, etc.? Does this type or transportation incur an additional cost?

Getting the Transportation You Need for Your Loved One

When your loved one is an assisted living facility and you are busy with life and career, ensuring they get the transportation they need to medical visits and other activities is vital. At Stellar Transport, we can help get your loved ones to their appointments safely and promptly when other options aren’t readily available. Call today.

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