A large portion of the population across the United States suffers from obesity, affecting their lifestyle and putting them at risk of health problems that can make it difficult for them to travel. Due to this inconvenience, many obese people prefer to remain at home to avoid difficulties. 

That said, should an illness or health complication occur, they may become dependent on others to drive them to a hospital to see their health care provider. However, depending on the severity of their obesity, a standard vehicle may not be an appropriate means of transportation, and instead, they may require something more specialized. That is where bariatric transportation comes in handy. 

What Is Bariatric Transportation? 

Unlike standard Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) vehicles, bariatric vehicles are specialized and designed to accommodate passengers who weigh over 400 pounds. People who are severely obese are at risk for many health problems such as heart conditions, diabetes, hypertension, and more, making bariatric services vital for ensuring they are safely accommodated and transported to their destination. 

Bariatric vehicles are staffed with enough people to assist in moving obese patients and are also specially trained in caring for them. Due to its specialized nature, bariatric transportation is often part of handicapped transportation services. 

Reasons You Should Use Bariatric Transportation 

If you are someone who would normally require bariatric transportation, then traveling via standard transportation methods can involve quite a bit of risk. To avoid any complications from occurring, bariatric vehicles are widely available in many places. Here are several reasons why you should take advantage of bariatric services. 

  • Overweight 

Patients who require bariatric transportation are individuals who are heavier than normal and may be limited in mobility due to their size. If your weight makes it difficult for you to move from one place to another or otherwise need assistance, then you may need bariatric transportation. 

  • Health Conditions 

Many obese patients are at risk for skin or heart conditions that can easily become a medical emergency and requires professional attention. For such cases, bariatric vehicles are outfitted with medical equipment to address any emergencies that can occur during transit. Many also feature equipment to monitor your vitals if you have any health complications that need constant monitoring. 

If you are suffering from medical conditions as a result of your obesity, bariatric transportation will ensure you arrive at your destination safely, with medical professionals overseeing your care throughout the ride. 

  • Personalized Care

Bariatric transportation not only provides a means to transport severely obese patients but also considers the patient’s excess weight and provides suitable equipment and tools for the task. Some vehicles are outfitted with wider doors to accommodate patients, while others may come with a larger stretcher. These vehicles come prepared to meet your personal needs, whatever they are. 

  • Door-to-Door Pickup 

One of the main advantages of hiring a bariatric transport service is they will assist you from your room to your hospital bed at your destination. Unlike some services, drivers not only arrive at your home to pick you up but will assist you onto a wheelchair or stretcher from your room to the vehicle and repeat this process at the hospital. Door-to-Door pickup is a means to ensure patients get the care and assistance they need every step of the way. 

Easy Booking 

Many NEMT services, including bariatric transportation, offer booking within 24 hours for their vehicles, making it an ideal option in case of an emergency or urgent situation. 

At Stellar Transport, we offer safe and reliable transportation from your home to your destination with door-to-door services. Contact us today to book a ride with our bariatric-equipped NEMT vehicles that come equipped with state-of-the-art technology and certified staff.