You may think that medical transportation is only available to those experiencing an emergency, but that is not the case. Medical transportation is also available to patients and seniors in non-emergency capacities, depending on their needs. This includes ambulances, wheelchairs, air travel, and more, with each one providing varying degrees of assistance and equipment for patients and their medical disabilities or physical impairments. 

If you or your loved one cannot use standard transportation methods but do not require emergency services, then there are several non-emergency options you can look into. Here are a few different modes of non-emergency transportation that might help you or your loved one travel, run errands, or make it to a health check-up safely and on time. 

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation 

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) is a transportation option for patients and seniors with medical conditions or physical impairments that do not pose a critical threat and who are otherwise unable to ride in standard private vehicles or public transportation. 

NEMT providers typically offer different kinds of vehicles that have the equipment to accommodate a variety of patients, with trained staff and drivers who can accompany patients and watch over them throughout transit. Vehicles can come with wheelchair and stretcher accommodation–among other accommodations–so be sure to consult with your provider to ensure they can meet your medical needs or that of your loved one. 


Like NEMT services, paratransit exists for seniors and patients who need non-emergency transportation to get around town. In many places, public transportation services must offer paratransit to accommodate patients and seniors with medical conditions or physical impairments within one mile of the standard routes with the same operating hours. These services typically require documentation to prove a medical need and can be more costly to use, but they do provide a safe and reliable means of transportation for anyone who cannot travel without special accommodations. 

Bariatric Transportation 

For some overweight patients, vehicles specially equipped to accommodate them may be necessary. Bariatric vehicles can transport patients weighing over 400 pounds, with special bariatric stretchers or wheelchairs and additional staff to assist patients to their destination. If you are unsure if bariatric transportation is necessary to meet your needs or that of a loved one, consult with the provider to assess and avoid any potential complications during transit. 

Stretcher Transportation 

Stretchers can move patients who are bedridden and cannot get up on their own or move easily due to a medical condition, physical impairment, or injury. In the case of long-distance transportation that requires a vehicle, special NEMT or paratransit services are necessary to safely move a patient to their destination. In many cases, NEMT providers offer door-to-door transportation, where they will assist a patient out of their homes and to their appointment or destination. If you or your loved one requires door-to-door services, be sure to speak with your NEMT provider to ensure they can accommodate your needs. 

Wheelchair Transportation 

Patients who cannot walk without assistance may require a wheelchair for everyday transportation. In some cases, patients can move from their wheelchairs into a car seat, but in other instances might need to remain in their wheelchairs. For such cases, NEMT services can accommodate patients in wheelchairs and safely transport them to their destinations. Vehicles must be specially equipped with restraints and hookups to ensure the wheelchair remains stable and safe throughout transit, which is why it is best to hire professional services in such instances. 

Work with Professionals 

Stellar Transport offers reliable and safe NEMT services with professionally trained drivers to ensure all patients receive the care and attention they need throughout transit. For quality and safe non-emergency transportation for you or your loved one, contact Stellar Transport today!