If you find yourself caring for an elderly loved one, you already know medical visits and other transportation can be challenging to fit into your own busy schedule including family and career. Of course, you want to do your best for them and that means finding safe and comfortable transportation solutions when scheduling conflicts come into play. One of the best ways to make sure your loved one gets to and from their appointments safely and comfortably is through a non-emergency medical transportation service like Stellar Transport. Here, the knowledgeable, caring team at Stellar Transport shares tips on how to pick the appropriate transportation service for your elderly loved one.

Finding the Best Transportation Solutions for Elderly Loved Ones

Obviously you want to find the best transportation solution for your elderly loved one. You want a service trained in senior sensitivity care, that has the experience and knowledge required, as well as safe transport to ensure your loved one is transported safely and treated with respect and dignity. These tips can help you narrow your search and find the solution you need.

Consider Experience

One of the first questions to ask a potential non-emergency medical transport company is about their experience in the business as well as the services they provide. How long have they been in business? How do they train their employees? What safety procedures do they have in place to keep your loved one safe? How long have they been working in the area, in other words, how familiar are they with the area? Finally, always ask about certification and training evidence for employees as well as for references for their services.

Procedures in the Event of Accident or Emergency

It is also important to ask about their emergency procedures. What do they do in the event of an accident or if your loved one becomes ill? Do they have training to handle medical emergencies? Is there an EMT on board each transport? Be specific and ask for details on how the personnel transporting your loved one would handle any situation about which you are concerned.

The Company Fleet

You also want to know about the vehicles utilized by the company. Certainly, you want to ensure your loved one travels in comfort and safety, so you should ask about the condition of the company fleet first. Next, ask how the vehicles are maintained as well as how they are cleaned after each use. If your loved one requires specialized transport, ask the questions and get the answers need to ensure the company fleet can meet your loved one’s needs. Along these line, you might ask if they provide the needed equipment – stretchers, wheelchairs, etc. – as well as any specialized equipment your loved one requires for a safe comfortable journey. If they don’t and you need to provide the equipment, ask about their handling of that equipment while your loved one has his or her appointment.


While you know the companies you are considering provide non-emergency medical transport, you should also ask about extras or additional amenities offered (wireless internet, TV, restrooms in vehicles, etc.). Amenities aren’t always needed for short distances but should your loved one need longer distance travel accommodations, these extras become more important. The goal is to find a quality transportation company which meets your loved ones needed effectively and safely.

Call on Stellar Transportation

Stellar Transportation is the premier non-emergency medical transportation company on the Space Coast, and they are waiting to serve you and your loved one with care, safety, and quality transportation in the area or across the state. Call today for more information on all the ways Stellar Transport can meet your loved one’s transportation needs.