A Closer Look at Florida Driving Laws for Seniors

//A Closer Look at Florida Driving Laws for Seniors

A Closer Look at Florida Driving Laws for Seniors

Florida driving laws for seniors are instituted to keep seniors and roadways safe. After all, Florida is home to a large senior population, with people over 60 making up around 23 percent of the total population.

The vast majority of the rules and regulations put into place by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) apply to all drivers, regardless of age. Although, there are some specific requirements and restrictions enforced for older drivers. For instance, drivers over 80 years old must renew their license every six years. On the other hand, drivers who are 79 and younger must renew their license every eight years. In addition, the DHSMV accepts requests from family members, doctors, and concerned friends to hold an unsafe driver investigation.

What is Florida’s Unsafe Driver Investigation?

If you are ever concerned about the safety of a senior out on the road, you can always request an investigation. From doctors to family members, and even a concerned neighbor, the Florida DHSMV accepts requests for an unsafe driver investigation from just about anyone.

You must include your name, address and telephone number in the request, but rest assured, your information is kept confidential. The investigation may include interviews with loved ones, neighbors and doctors, and may also entail medical tests, road tests or written driving tests.

What to Expect When Renewing Your License

If you are eighty or older, you must renew your license every six years. That’s two years sooner than people 79 and younger. At your renewal, expect to be given a vision test free of charge. You may also go to your medical doctor for a vision test and then bring the results to the DHSMV. The test must be performed by an optometrist or osteopathic physician who is licensed in the state of Florida, and they must fill out a Mature Driver Vision Test form that you can present at the time of your renewal request.

Worried About Passing a Test?

Drivers can work on their skills prior to taking a test by enrolling in an education or training class that is designed for older drivers. These courses are called Mature Driver Courses. In some cases, completion of this class can help lower auto insurance rates.

When Can the DHSMV Restrict a Senior’s License?

You may lose your license or have certain restrictions placed upon your license for a variety of reasons. The most common restriction is requiring drivers to wear corrective contact lenses or glasses whenever they are behind the wheel.

Other common requirements include:

  • Driver must wear hearing aids whenever they are behind the wheel
  • Adding an extra left side rearview mirror to the vehicle
  • No driving after dark
  • Must drive a vehicle with automatic transmission and/or power steering
  • Vehicle must be equipped with mechanical directional signals
  • The steering wheel must be outfitted with a grip or knob
  • A seat cushion is used when driving and/or hand controls or pedal extensions are installed on the vehicle.

Can You Get Your License Back?

After your license is suspended or revoked in Florida, there’s still a chance to get it back by contacting your local:

  • Driver License Office
  • The Bureau of Administrative Reviews Office
  • The DHSMV’s Customer Service Center
  • Tax Collector Licensing Agent

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