If you have a loved one in an assisted living facility, it is important to remember to care for and visit them often. It can be easy to put off a visit for a week or two, but when your loved one is living in assisted living, they also miss friends and family. When it comes to caring for your loved one in assisted living, there are plenty of ways to be creative and to incorporate them into special festivities so they are not isolated from family. If transportation is ever an issue, at Stellar Transportation in Melbourne, Florida, a trained team of non-emergency professionals can transport seniors to family events, such as dinners.

Family Outings

Taking your loved one out for an afternoon picnic or inviting them to a family dinner offers a chance to connect and engage with your loved one. Social interaction is vital for seniors. Although assisted living facilities offer a variety of social opportunities for seniors, some still do not receive the healthy amount of interaction needed. When family and loved ones engage with seniors on a weekly basis, it offers a chance for them to be interactive with others and have a good laugh that can lift their mood. If not having a ride results in you leaving seniors out of festivities in Melbourne, Florida, then contact Stellar Transportation for safe and reliable travel services.

Visiting Your Loved One

When it comes to placing a senior in an assisted living facility, you might be tempted to constantly visit or check in on them to ensure comfort. Although this is a nice gesture and thought, this can actually hinder a senior’s experience. Seniors can rely on or expect that you will be there to visit and perhaps not make much of an effort to meet new people. This can result in them becoming more lonely on the days you are not around. However, visiting a few times a month can be beneficial to them seeing a familiar face and introducing you to new friends they made.

Speak to Staff About Concerns

Once your loved one is in an assisted living facility, their day-to-day health concerns are out of your hands. Talking to a professional on staff about your concerns and how they can best assist a senior is a great way to ensure your loved one is being cared for properly. Constant interaction on the days when you visit can also improve certain situations. If your loved one is struggling with the way they are being treated or have a dislike for the meals, then talking to a professional will assist in resolving the situation. However, ensuring you interact in a calm and reasonable manner about conflicts is essential. The last thing a senior needs is heightened stress.


Although some seniors might struggle with using some technology, not all of them do. Teaching your loved ones how to use a cell phone to call or retrieve photos can help them stay connected to those they care about. When your loved one has a phone, like any other person you communicate with, you can check in with them at the end of the day and send a few photos over to them. Using technology whether it is through text, email, phone calls, or video chats is an efficient way to connect with a senior and make them feel loved.

Stellar Transportation

Do not let your loved one miss out on family gatherings. Stellar Transportation offers quality non-emergency medical transportation for seniors on the Space Coast. Contact Stellar Transportation today for more information.