Transportation is essential in multiple circumstances. When it comes to attending a family dinner or a medical appointment, hopping in our cars is an efficient way to get from place to place. However, for some seniors, the convenience of driving to an appointment is not an option. Non-emergency medical transportation is essential for people needing to get to medical appointments. It is essential to remember that non-emergency medical transportation is not intended for urgent medical attention for those needing to go to the hospital. Rather a non-emergency medical situation would be getting to an appointment at a scheduled time. When it comes to non-emergency medical transportations in Melbourne, Florida there are plenty of benefits to consider.

Reliable Transportation for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Finding reliable transportation services to and from medical appointments is not easy. Entrusting someone unfamiliar to take you to and from an appointment might be an unforgettable thought. At Stellar Transport, a highly trained team of professionals provide quality and friendly customer service for those that travel with them. If you do not have a reliable ride to an appointment, considering non-emergency transportation can assist in ensuring that you do not miss your next doctor’s appointment. Loved ones can call Stellar to transport their loved ones when they cannot. Most transportation services will come and get you from where you are and transport you on a wheelchair when necessary. A reliable team will be ready to pick you up from your appointment within less than an hour of your call.

Fully Loaded Vans

Non-emergency medical transportation services offer vans that are fully equipped to provide a safe and smooth drive. Vans come in all sorts of sizes that can accommodate wheelchairs and stretchers. At Stellar Transport, family members can also ride along with their loved one in the van. Non-emergency medical vans operate safely and undergo regular inspection of safe operations and cleanliness. GPS tracking that is installed in every vehicle to ensure trained drivers are following state traffic laws. Other benefits of Stellar vehicles include, wheelchair lift, wheelchair floor locks and seat belts, low exterior side step, extended vehicle roof, first aid kits, clean blankets, interior handrails, and more.

Family Events

When a senior is living in an assisted living facility, they can miss out on many family events. This can be mostly due to unavailability of loved ones to transport a senior to a family dinner or party. With non-emergency medical transportation, family visits are included as a provided service. At Stellar Transport in Melbourne, Florida, seniors can expect to attend family dinners regularly or special occasions whenever they would like. The same protocol for family events goes for medical appointments, Stellar Transport’s reliable team will pick up a senior from their desired destination and bring them back safely within less than an hour of their pickup request.

Calling Stellar Transport

If you have emergency transportation needs, call on Stellar Transport to provide efficient, safe, and comfortable non-emergency medical transportation services in the Melbourne area. Stellar Transport even accommodates transportation services to a city 150 or more miles away. Being a family owned business, Stellar Transport service strives to ensure their clients are treated like their own loved ones. All Stellar’s drivers are extensively background checked and smoke free. You can also expect CPR and First-Aid services when needed on the road. A fully loaded Stellar van provides seniors with the comfort they need to ensure they are safe while on the road. Whether you need handicap, wheelchair, or stretcher transportation services – Stellar Transport guarantees to handle clients with care. Call Stellar Transport today for more information.