When you hear the words “adult day care” you might get the wrong idea. In fact, elder care experts often recommend another name for the services which offer social and recreational opportunities for many vibrant senior adults. Adult day care is not a “babysitting service for elder adults” but rather a service allowing seniors adults to continue living in and enjoying their community and getting the support they need. Maybe it remains a well-kept secret of elder care because individuals have the wrong idea about what is it – when in truth is can be of great benefit not only to seniors but also to caregivers. Let’s explore all the engaging, worthwhile activities offered by adult day care and get rid of the stigma once and for all!

A Typical Day at Adult Day Center

The decision to attend adult day care is often more difficult than it should be. For many seniors, it is a matter of getting out of their comfort zone to try the adult day center and discover an enhanced quality of life. Most adult day care centers strive for a comprehensive, yet personal approach, to positively impact seniors in a number of ways from healthcare assistance to activities. As a family caregiver considering the option of an adult day center, here is a peek what a day at the center might look like for your senior loved one.

Generally adult day centers open between eight and nine in the morning. Seniors can be dropped off by loved ones or schedule transportation through Stellar Transport’s Door-through-Door Elderly Transportation Services. Some adult day care centers even offer transportation services to and from the center.

Breakfast is served soon after opening as seniors gather in the group dining area. Most adult day centers offer a wide variety of delicious food options, planned by nutritionists who create meals and snacks to meet dietary restrictions and provide the nutrients needed to enhance seniors’ overall care.

Following breakfast, many centers have staff read news articles and guide seniors in a discussion of current events while they enjoy their second cup of tea or coffee. In addition to breakfast, hot nutritious lunches are provided as well as snacks. Some centers even provide nutritional counseling, help seniors plan simple nutritious menus, and organize grocery shopping trips.

As seniors settle in for a day of enrichment and activity, these are some of the options available at many adult day centers.

  • Exercise Programs – Senior adult day cares understand the need many senior have for additional movement throughout the day. Exercise class options often include Tai Chi, Pilates, Yoga, balance exercise, and light strength training or cardio, Wii Fit games, and more. Guests can choose the class that suits them best or try a variety of options to find their favorite.
  • Arts, Crafts, and Music – In addition to exercise, adult day centers offer a wide array of arts, crafts, and music options for seniors to enjoy. Whether novice or experienced, guests can join in the fun, make new friends, reduce stress levels, and explore their creativity.
  • Outdoor Fun – With courtyards, decks, and paths in outdoor spaces, day care participants can take a walk, sit in the sun, birdwatch, and even garden. Yes, many centers offer the opportunity to dabble in gardening from vegetables to flowers.
  • WII Games – The WII is a popular tech-savvy option for many seniors who enjoy the ease of play among games they enjoy like bowling, tennis, baseball, golf, basketball, and more. It’s not surprising to hear lots of laughter and see friendly competition among the participants.

In addition to games, crafts, music, and activities, most adult day centers also provide a quiet space for senior who want to take a break from the action and read a book or take a short nap. Many adult day center even offer physical and occupational therapy services for their guests with some providing primary care physician meetings as well as medication management, lab services, social services, and nursing care.

Adult day care centers are typically open Monday through Friday, usually ending days at around five in the afternoon. Some centers offer extended care evening hours as well as weekend options.