While you might believe that you need to dial an emergency ambulance for stretcher transportation, there are more convenient alternatives available. Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) is a service that allows patients and seniors to receive medical assistance and oversight during transit should they be unable to ride in regular passenger vehicles or public transportation. 

Whether you are in a wheelchair or require a stretcher to leave your home, NEMT services can provide a means of transportation for a variety of different medical needs and cases, ensuring you arrive both safely and on time. To learn more about non-emergency stretcher transportation, here is a closer look at what we offer at Stellar Transport for patients and seniors. 

Wherever You Need to Go 

Sometimes you may need to make a quick stop at the hospital for a routine check-up, or you may have a reason to travel long distances for a family event. Whatever your needs are, we offer stretcher transportation for both local and long-distance commutes, ensuring you can arrive at your destination without delay and with the assurance that you are in the care of a professional. If you plan to travel out-of-state or long-distance, it may be prudent to consult with your doctor before making the journey to ensure you are in good health and can make the trip safely and successfully. 

Comfort and Safety 

Another significant benefit of traveling via NEMT is the comfort and safety afforded to you that you may not have when traveling via other modes. At Stellar Transport, our vehicles are appropriately configured and equipped to accommodate stretchers to ensure safe and comfortable travel no matter how far or where you need to go. If you have concerns about traveling in your vehicle or that of a family member or friend, consider booking a ride with us for your journey. 

Specialized Care 

Some patients may need more specialized care depending on their medical condition, which is why we offer a variety of different vehicles depending on your needs. We have vehicles configured to include life support systems and other support mechanisms for patients that have complicated medical conditions. Additionally, we also offer bariatric stretchers and vehicles for patients who require extra wide capacity and interior to ensure they arrive safely at their destination. If you have any concerns regarding a specific medical condition or need, consult with your doctor and with a representative from our team to decide on the ideal conditions for travel. 

Assistance Throughout the Journey 

In addition to customized care and specialized equipment, our drivers can assist you throughout the entire journey should you need extra help leaving your home. With our door-to-door services, drivers will assist you from your room and into the vehicle, repeating the process when you arrive at your destination to ensure you are safe and sound the entire journey. This is ideal for patients and seniors with mobility problems or who otherwise cannot move easily without help along the way. 

Schedule at Your Convenience 

Finally, another benefit of NEMT transportation is the ease of booking and scheduling a ride, which you can do from the comfort of your home over the phone or online. This is perfect for scheduling routine rides throughout the week to attend a scheduled checkup or to arrange for last-minute transportation to an event or occasion. Whatever your needs are, you can schedule at your convenience and receive help along the entire way. 

If you or your loved one require stretcher transportation for your next appointment or travel destination, consider booking a ride with a NEMT service. At Stellar Transport, we offer a variety of vehicles to accommodate different patient needs, so contact us today to learn more about our services or to book a ride.