8 Ways to Beat Boredom If You’re On Bedrest

//8 Ways to Beat Boredom If You’re On Bedrest

8 Ways to Beat Boredom If You’re On Bedrest

Being on bedrest for a long time can be a very testing time, especially if you don’t have ways to occupy your time. From fun tablet games to writing letters to loved ones, there are a variety of ways to beat boredom on bedrest.

8 Ways to Stay Entertained on Bedrest

1. Phones & Tablet Games

In the modern world, it is very likely that you have a phone and/or a tablet to help you occupy your time. If you have the internet available, be sure to stock up on lots of different mobile apps and games. This will be a good activity to fall back on. Not to mention, there are millions of different apps and games to explore.

2. Television & Movies

Television and movies are probably one of the first things that come to mind when you are stuck with nothing to do in the first place. Outside of reading a book, this is probably the most common activity to occupy your time. Make a list of all the movies or shows you’ve been wanting to watch – now is your chance to do so.

3. Some Good Company

If you have the luxury of being around friends and family during your bedrest, take advantage of this time. Loved ones offer an excellent source of comfort and entertainment. Make appointments with your friends and family as much as possible to have them visit you throughout your recovery.

4. Listen to Some Music

Music is one of the world’s best forms of natural therapy. All you need to do is turn on the radio, or use a music app on your mobile device. With music at your disposal, you will always have a light form of entertainment that can occupy your ears while you search for things to occupy your eyes and/or hands.

5. Write Letters to Loved Ones

There is perhaps never a better time to pour your heart out to somebody in letter form than when you are on bedrest. Take advantage of this time and write letters to each of your cherished loved ones. This is a great way to remain social during downtime even if you’re alone. These letters will be treasured forever.

6. Shop for Stuff Online

If you have a phone, laptop, or tablet ready at your disposal then you should definitely consider doing some shopping. Although you clearly cannot go to the mall or your favorite physical location, the best online shops are still right at your fingertips. Online marketplaces like Amazon are easy for you to access, shop through, and buy from. Plus, it can make your day when the package arrives.

7. Travel Around the Globe with Google Maps!

The beauty of the internet is that you can still fulfill your dreams of world travel even on bedrest! Sure, it might not be quite as fun as the real deal. However, you got to work with what you have got at your disposal. With Google Maps and/or Google Earth, you can access satellite views of almost all corners of the globe.

8. Solve a Rubix Cube

Unless you are part of the minority of people around the world, you probably have never gotten around to solving a Rubix cube. Now that you are on bedrest with lots of extra time on your hands, you can finally get around to solving what previously might have seemed impossible!

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